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   Chapter 222 No Time For You And Your Son (Part One)

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Hearing that York was going to give the toy to Leona's kid, Joyce's face turned to pale. In his heart, there were only Leona and her son. What was she for him?

At the moment, she was so angry that she threw the toy remote control car to the ground and shattered it into pieces.

"What Joyce, what are you doing?" York hadn't expected that Joyce would throw a tantrum. 'I promised to give Eden a birthday present. It's late. Where am I going to get another one?' he thought. York raised his voice in an instant.

Joyce sat on the bed in a huff. She turned her back to York and said, "That woman and her child are the only people in your heart. What am I to you? What about our baby? If you don't want to take care of me and the baby, we will disappear right in front of you!"

Joyce got angrier, so she got up from the bed and ran directly to the window, trying to climb up the window.

York rushed over and held her into his arms, "what do you want? Eden is just a kid. I promised him that I would give him a present. Why are you so angry with him?"

With tears flooding her eyes, Joyce looked at him and asked, "A kid? You care about him so much because he is Leona's kid, don't you? Do you dare to say that you would care about his birthday so much if he was another person's child?"

"What You are so unreasonable! " York got a headache and didn't know what to say.

Joyce murmured with tears: "I am unreasonable? It's because what I have said is exactly what on your mind. You have nothing to say. Why didn't you like children so much in the past? Brother York, did you consider my feelings when you did this? I am carrying your child, but what about you? You don't care about your baby at all, but you care about other people's baby. Is that right?"

Hearing the countless questions from Emily, Daniel became speechless and could only liste

Without saying a word, Leona hung up the phone. Turning around, she saw that Eden pouted. Touching her son's head, she said, "Eden, let's go to bed, okay?"

Eden raised his little head and looked at her with his innocent big eyes. He said, "Mommy, did Daddy forget my birthday? If not, why did Daddy eat with another woman? Does he abandon us? "

Hearing her son's words, tears were about to fall from Leona's eyes. The lack of father's love since his childhood made Eden extremely insecure at a young age. It was all her fault.

If she hadn't insisted on giving birth to him, he wouldn't have been like this. However, if she had never regretted her decision, Eden would grow up one day. By then, he wouldn't need to be a father anymore.

Full of pity for Eden, Leona touched his head and said, "No, he just has something to deal with. He won't give up on Eden!"

Eden nodded obediently. Then he raised his head from the arms of Leona and said hesitantly, "Mommy, who is Eden's biological daddy? Why did he abandon us?"

Her heart sank at his words. Why did Eden suddenly ask about his biological father? Then she asked cautiously, "why does Eden want to know about your biological father? Is Uncle Zhao not kind to Eden?"

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