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   Chapter 219 A Secret (Part Two)

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But it's not fair for anyone. Besides, Leona was free. If she didn't want to continue the relationship with him, she could accept other people's pursuit.

Just when York was in a panic, his secretary rushed in in in a panic. "Mr. Zhao, bad news! The cloud advertising company we signed didn't bring a large amount of money. Our company has put in the initial money to buy the original materials and equipment. If they can't get enough money, our company will be unable to run!"

"What? Hurry up to contact Carlson Company and urge them to make the payment!" York got anxious when he heard the news. Now most of the money of the British branch company had been invested in the domestic Zhao Group.

Now he was waiting for the money to arrive. He would use part of the money to go back to the Zhao group, and the rest would be used to maintain the costs here.

If something went wrong here again, it was indeed a kick in the leg. He suddenly remembered that Carlson was just a small company and they didn't have the strength to take so many orders.

He immediately ordered his secretary to check the background of Carlson. He felt like there was a dark hand behind the scene.

In a flash, York pushed all the documents on the table to the ground. He got angry when he saw these papers.

At present, the Zhao Group was in such a serious crisis. What was the use of doing this?

All of a sudden, he wanted to see Leona very much. He knew that he was not in a good state to stay here, otherwise he would lose his judgement as a doctor. He had to make himself calm down.

At the moment, he could only calm himself down by Leona. Knowing that she should be at the scene of the commercial shoot at this moment, he left the office and walked fast towards there.

At this time, th

leaned back and said casually, "I'm a businessman. I'm interested in anything that makes money. Am I wrong, Mr. Zhao? But the Zhao group is not enough to draw my attention. It can be destroyed in just a few minutes. I have no sense of achievement at all!"

"You!" York sat up straight in anger and glared at Greg. He was not only humiliating the Zhao group, but also humiliating him as well. After all, he was the boss of the group.

"If someone knows that the CEO of the Wei group specially makes such a dirty trick to beat his opponent, how will the public think of him?" York managed to hold his anger and said calmly.

On the other hand, Greg smiled and said, "It doesn't matter what others think of it? In a business world, profit was the only thing mattered. Everyone would remember who made it. No one cared about how he made it. People would laugh at the company which had been swallowed up, because the new head of the company was a loser. Otherwise, why couldn't he keep his company alive? Mr. Zhao, do you think that someone will pity a loser? That would only make him more useless! "

From the expression of Greg, York knew that Greg was the one planed the whole thing.

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