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   Chapter 217 Face Off (Part Two)

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At this time, York put his arm around her shoulder and looked at her with a smile. "Since you don't believe me, then you can ask Leona. Leona, can you tell Mr. Wei that we are going to get married soon?"

Although Leona was obtuse, she still understood what was happening. She turned to look at Greg and said, "yes, I have told Mr. Wei that I'm going to have a wedding ceremony with York."

As York noticed that Greg's face was gloomy, he again wore a triumphant smile and said, "You should believe me this time, right? It's very late now. Leona are also very tired. We won't see Mr. Wei out!"

Looking at the two, Greg pursed her lips and said, "I hope that you can make it!" Then he left without looking back.

At the moment when the door was closed, the smile on York's face immediately disappeared. He turned his back on Leona and told himself desperately to be patient.

The relationship between them had been stiff. He couldn't let it continue, or Leona would really leave him.

Leona touched her aching head and followed closely behind York, "York, it's really not like that. Let me explain..."

York turned around, grabbed her shoulders and said gently, "you don't have to explain anything. I believe you will never betray me, just as you trust me. You should have a good rest after drinking!"

Then York took out a red flannel box from his suit pocket, in which there was a ten carat diamond ring. Since that day, Leona had returned the ring to him, he had been very depressed these days, not in the mood to do anything.

That afternoon, he went to the place where he bought her the same diamond ring again, hoping to find an opportunity to put it on Leona's finger again. At this moment, he felt that it was the right time.

York took the diamond ring out of the box and gently put it on her finger. Seei

d on the door and said, "are you so anxious to drive me away?"

The Secretary didn't expect Joyce to run into the office. She was totally at a loss and asked, "Miss Shen, why are you..."

York thought it was a good chance to have a talk with her. He could take this opportunity to solve all the problems, and then he could avoid her clinging to him.

Then he said, "You go out first. I have something to talk with Miss Shen."

After the secretary went out, Joyce went straight to the sofa and sat down. She looked at York and said, "Brother York, what do you mean?"

Not wanting to waste time on her question, York said directly, "Joyce, I know you are nice to me, but I have always treated you as my sister. You should be clear about this!"

Hearing his words, Joyce cried out excitedly, "Shut up! What do you mean by always taking me as your sister? I don't believe you at all. If you really take me as your sister, how can you explain for what happened that night?"

Her tears were about to spill over her eyes. Although York didn't know what happened that night, he couldn't deny it as long as she insisted.

York had been unwilling to talk about it, after all, Joyce was different from other women.

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