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   Chapter 214 A Romantic Party (Part One)

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Besides, York hadn't seen Eden for days. He missed him and couldn't wait to see him at her place.

However, as soon as he entered the room, he saw that Eden was standing at the door, looking at him solemnly. Eden didn't rush to him as usual.

Then York took out the gifts he had prepared in advance from behind and said, "Eden, do you miss daddy?"

For the first time, Eden said, "Please close the door. Let's have a talk in the living room!" Then he walked into the living room, ignoring York.

York had no choice but to come in with him. At that moment, Eden had already sat down on the sofa, putting York's shirt in front of York. With a serious look on his face, Eden said, "although you're my godfather, I'm talking with you as a man now, so please answer my question carefully. Why is there a lipstick mark on your shirt?"

There were obvious lipstick print on the shirt in front of York. But Leona didn't wear lipstick at all and she just applied a little bit of it, so she wouldn't wear such bright color.

York didn't know how to explain it to a five-year-old kid?

Then York coughed awkwardly and said, "it was just an accident."

With a serious look, Eden said, "the lipstick print is not Mommy's. No wonder mommy has been in a bad mood these days. She couldn't fall asleep every night! You must have done something wrong to Mommy!"

Carefully listening to Eden's words, York thought, 'has she had a bad time these days? But he was the same. He dared to say that compared with the agony of Leona, he was far more painful.

He was tired of this long-term love battle. He had not been able to figure out whether Leona loved him or not.

"Eden, if I say if your biological father appears, what will you do?" York asked.

This question was very important to York. He knew how important Eden was in Leona's heart, and that was her life

ything is ready, waiting for you to dance the first dance!"

Greg took Leona's hand directly and said, "Miss Ling, would you like to dance with me?"

"Wow! Mr. Wei is asking you! Look how indifferent he is! My legs are going to be weak!"

"Have you heard that? Prosperity has been bought by the Wei Group, and Mr. Wei is the boss of the Wei Group. Most importantly, he hasn't married yet. He is a golden bachelor. If anyone can be loved by such a powerful guy, she will live happily ever after!"

Seeing that Leona was hesitant, manager Chen said, "Angela, what are you hesitating for? Mr. Wei is inviting you for a dance. Everyone is waiting for you to dance with him for the first time, and then the ball will begin!"

Seeing Leona was in panic, Greg asked with a smile, "are you scared?"

As a matter of fact, Leona had a strong desire to win and Greg successfully provoke her. Leona raised her head and said, "Afraid? What am I afraid of? It's just a dance. " Then she walked towards the dancing floor.

Greg also had a smile on his face and followed her inside.

A melodious music was heard, echoing in everyone's ears. Five years ago, Leona learned to dance, and now she did it with Greg on the dance floor with ease.

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