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   Chapter 212 See Them Together (Part One)

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Greg just glanced at Wayne but didn't stop him. He wanted to see how Leona would react when she heard it.

Unexpectedly, Leona just put the bunch of roses on the table and said, "This is the flower from our manager. Wish you recover soon!" She didn't even look at him during the whole process.

The manager looked at them, then turned to Wayne and said, "Secretary Zhang, have you completed the discharge formalities for Mr. Wei? Is there something still undone? I have an acquaintance in this hospital. Can I go with you?"

Wayne looked at the unscrupulous manager and immediately understood what was happening. He nodded quickly and said, "Yes, you are right. We need to go through the formality still. Thank you, Manager Chen!" Then they two walked outside.

When he reached the door, Wayne turned around and said to Leona, "Then please take care of Mr. Wei for the time being!"

If they left, there were only her and Greg here, which made Leona feel very dangerous.

Leona stepped forward and said, "how about I go with you?"

The manager disagreed. "How can we? Who will take care of Mr. Wei if we leave? What if something happened at this time? Besides, you don't know anyone. Even if you go, you won't be able to help. You can stay here. I will be back with Secretary Zhang very soon!"

The manager pushed Leona back and closed the door to avoid disturbing them.

There were only Leona and Greg in the ward, one standing and sitting, and the other sitting. Leona felt thirsty and didn't know where to put her hands.

On second thought, she decided to stand at the door so that she could run out as soon as possible.

But Greg didn't seem to feel embarrassed at all. He just sat on the sofa, totally relaxed in the warm sunshine.

The two stayed silently in the room. There was no other sound except th

ld him that Leona wanted to come to the hospital to see Greg. He didn't want to see that woman again, but he couldn't.

At the same time, he wanted to see what they would do behind him. What happened just now clearly came into his eyes. He finally understood why Leona refused to accept his proposal.

He stumbled backward a few steps, and he looked sad. 'Greg was right. He's no match for her after all. Seven years ago, it's still the same after seven years. York turned around and left quietly.

As Leona supported him with great difficulty, she said, "You need to control yourself. Let's go to have a rest on the bed over there. I'll call the doctor right away!"

Greg shook his head and said, "No need to call a doctor. I'm fine."

Leona stared at him with a sullen face. It was time for the arrogant man to act like this. He deserved it.

Greg lowered her head and found that the diamond ring on Leona's finger was missing. "How are you and him these days?" he asked.

Hearing that, Leona paused for a while. She knew that he was referring to York. Did he know that she was at odds with York?

No, it couldn't be. Even Janie didn't know about it. Greg just woke up last night, let alone knew it.

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