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   Chapter 211 The War Between Women (Part Two)

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Janie was upset and went back to her seat. She thought for a while and then took out her cell phone to call York. She covered the speaker and whispered, "Hello, is it Brother York? I'm Janie. Leona wants to go to the hospital to see that man now... "

York sat in his office with a serious look on his face, and there were piles of documents piled up in front of him. When he heard that the call was from Janie, he said angrily, "she can go wherever she likes!" Then he hung up the phone.

It turned out that Leona still loved Greg. Otherwise, why did she go to the hospital to see him? I've devoted so many years to her, but she's never changed her heart.

Perhaps in her eyes, money didn't matter at all. The most important thing was money. Although he was not as rich as Greg's Wei Group, his wealth was enough for her to squander. Why was she so greedy?

Hearing the cold words from York, Janie looked at the phone and found that the phone had been hung up. What happened to them?

In her memory, even if York had a great problem, he wouldn't lose his grace, but now he seemed to be in a bad mood.

Something must have happened between them. She must go to Leona's place tonight.

Half an hour later, Leona showed up at the gate of the hospital. Seeing that the manager was waiting for her, she walked over and said, "manager, I don't think it's appropriate for me to come here."

While the manager said with a flattering smile on his face, "why not? Nobody is more suitable than you. Hurry up and follow me in. By the way, why don't you take any flower? That's not sincere. Wait for me. Fortunately, I've prepared this. " Then he ran to his car.

But Leona wanted to refuse again, because magic was so rich that she didn't need anything. While the manager had already came close to her with a bunch of

hand and said, "do it as I ask!"

Wayne didn't dare to be suspicious any more. He had worked for Greg for so many years and he knew very well about his temper. He always said what he said and he hated to repeat his words.

The doctor heard that Greg was leaving the hospital, so he made a detailed examination for him. It was almost noon when the work was done.

Wayne hastened to pack up his belongings, and was about to leave the hospital. Just then, the door of the ward was opened, and Yuanhua's manager and Leona appeared.

As soon as Greg heard the voice, he frowned, but he immediately became relaxed when he saw Leona, especially the bunch of roses in her arms.

His anger disappeared when he found that Leona did not visit him when he was in hospital. He nodded to them.

The manager of Yuanhua looked at them in surprise and asked, "Mr. Wei, are you leaving the hospital?"

Wayne echoed, "That's true. Mr. Wei has been worrying about your company's advertising case. He has to work before fully recovered!" As Wayne spoke, he glanced at Leona next to him.

If it were not for this woman with no conscience, how could Mr. Wei be so anxious to leave the hospital regardless of his health?

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