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   Chapter 210 The War Between Women (Part One)

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Joyce's words hit the nail on the heart of Leona. It was the same old scar that haunted her. She didn't want to marry York and she didn't want to burden him.

Leona remained silent. And Joyce thought that she had said something wrong and became more arrogant. Joyce continued, "My family can make things worse, but you can only embarrass Brother York. Things between you and Greg have already been known to the upper class. If Brother York marries you, he will be looked down upon by others!"

The more Joyce said, the more complacent she became. She would rather say that Leona was good for nothing and get out of the world of York cent with her tail between her legs.

However, although Leona had made up her mind that she wouldn't marry York, it didn't mean that she could allow others to bully her. She raised her head and stared at Joyce.

It was not until Joyce felt nervous being stared at that she unconsciously touched her face. She took out a mirror from her bag and saw that there was nothing on her face. Then she raised her head and said, "what are you looking at?"

Leona shook her head and laughed, "It seems that the daughter of the Shen family has no confidence in yourself. You should be grateful that you were born in a good family, and the Shen family gives you the halo. If you only depend on yourself, I believe that you are not as good as me!"

Hearing the sarcastic words of Leona, Joyce's face changed and was about to yell at her, "How dare you..."

But before she could finish her words, Leona raised her hand to stop her and said, "well, you are right. I don't have any power or even a huge family to back me up. But that's what I have made him unforgettable. He even doesn't mind the past between me and Greg, and was willing to break up all relations with his family because of me. Isn't there any regret for a woman to have such a man's love in her life?"

Hearing that, Joyce's face turned pa

t time, she had to have a clean break with him since she decided to end it.

Besides, she didn't like to go to hospital very much. When she was giving birth to babies, she nearly died there. She had an inexplicable resistance to hospital.

However, the manager didn't give her any chance to refuse. He told Leona that they would meet at the hospital half an hour later. Then he hung up the phone.

Janie said while standing next to the manager, "Manager, we have so many people in our company. Why do you have to ask Angela to see him in the hospital? Besides, I think it would be better if the manager handle it personally. "

It was widely known in the company that Leona had a very deep relationship with Greg, but only Janie knew more than that.

She didn't want to see that Leona had anything to do with Greg. Because Leona was the woman who mattered most to York in the world. Therefore, she tried to talk the manager into changing another person to go.

The manager rolled his eyes at Janie and replied, "Of course I know it's only sincerity for the company's management to get involved in this. But Mr. Wei signed the contract for Angela. Angela was suitable than anyone. It's a deal. You'd better go back to your work. Stop thinking about such useless things all day!"

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