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   Chapter 209 You Are A Liar (Part Two)

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York drove back to the company in a daze all the way. The receptionist, looked at York's livid face with fear. She sent a diamond ring to him and said carefully, "Mr. Zhao, this is what Miss Ling asked me to give to you before she went out!"

York took the diamond ring. The ten carat diamond ring shone brightly in the light. This stone, which all women were crazy about, was now abandoned by her.

With a sad smile, York casually threw the diamond ring on the ground, and then stepped on it and strode towards the elevator!

He had suffered a lot and finally put it on her hand, but now it was still returned by her. York felt that he was really tired, and he had no strength to continue this desperate love.

As soon as the door of the president's elevator was closed, it exploded and all the employees rushed to the diamond ring on the ground.

After York left, Joyce also left Zhao Group. Now she had to work harder to let Leona withdraw on her own initiative.

Just now, she had got Leona's number from Leona's mobile phone. She immediately took out her mobile phone and dialed out. After a few rings, the phone was picked up. Joyce said, "Hello, is Leona Ling? This is Joyce Shen. Let's meet!"

Since York left, Leona gradually cleaned up her sadness. Now she has no spare energy to think about it. The most important person in her life is Eden, and she can lose everything else.

At this time, the phone rang. Who would call her? It was a group of strange numbers on it. When Leona picked it up, she knew it was Joyce.

After hanging up the phone, Leona simply tidied up and rushed to the appointed place. What should come will always come, and she had nothing to be afraid of.

Soon, Leona came to a coffee shop. Joyce had already sat here waiting for her. When Joyce saw Leona, she asked Leona to s

y anything, and she was also very concerned about the matter of York. However, every time she asked him, he refused to say anything, but perfunctorily told himself that he could solve it.

Leona knew that he just didn't want her to worry about him, but the more he did, the more upset Leona became. Even if she couldn't help, at least she could share the burden with York.

It turned out that the Zhao family was in great trouble. No wonder the mood of York was very unstable these days. After all, the Zhao family in China was founded by his father. If it was destroyed in the hands of York, he must feel very sorry for uncle Zhao, right?

Seeing that Leona didn't say anything, Joyce knew that Leona was listening to what she said seriously. She took a sip of coffee and said again, "maybe Brother York is infatuated with you now, because you haven't lived together all the time. He still remembers your feelings in the past. But have you ever thought that once you get married, he will face all kinds of pressure in the business field. Do you have the ability to help him in the business field? And I heard that you had surgery and couldn't get pregnant. Do you still have the right to marry Brother York?"

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