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   Chapter 203 Are You So Cruel That You Don't Want To See Him (Part Two)

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After a while, Joyce murmured, "wait for me, bro. I need to go to the bathroom. Wait for me!"

York was so glad that he could take out her phone as long as she went to the washroom.

But when she staggered away a few steps, York was about to pick up her bag. Joyce turned back and took her bag from his hand. She smiled silly and said, "I forgot to take my bag!"

Hearing that, York felt embarrassed at once. Fortunately, the two of them had drunk a lot, and Joyce didn't care about it. What mattered most was that her cell phone was in her bag and he must get it.

York then said, "Just leave it here. I won't steal your purse."

Joyce stretched out a finger and shook it in front of his eyes. "But my bag has a treasure and I can't show it to Brother York!" Then she staggered to the bathroom again.

Looking at the receding figure of Joyce, York was so angry that he gritted his teeth. "If it goes on like this, I'll get drunk.' he thought.

Although Joyce was a little drunk, she did not get drunk completely. Her capacity for liquor was big, but York did not know it because he had never cared about her.

She staggered to the bathroom and took out the makeup bag in her bag to fix her makeup. She wanted to always show her perfect in front of York.

York sat in the restaurant in a daze and lost in various fancies and conjectures. At this moment, Joyce stumbled back. Then they continued drinking.

But it was true that York's drinking capacity was not as much as that of Joyce. Besides, he had been under a lot of pressure these days. He could only sleep for four to five hours a day.

After gulping so much wine, York felt dizzy and unconsciously leaned over the table.

At the same time, Joyce staggered to help York to the hotel room above the restaurant. She p

ntil now if he wanted to be with Joyce. However, many things had happened during this period of time, which made her unable to believe him.

Covering her chest, Leona felt suffocated. Wasn't it too hasty for her to marry York?

She was well aware that she shouldn't ask too much since she was in a rich family now. As long as he loved her, nothing else would satisfy her?

She shouldn't have cared about his affairs with other women, but in her heart, marriage was incomparably sacred. Once they chose to marry, they should keep their promises to each other.

She didn't want York to regret after getting married with her. If so, she might as well choose to give up right now, in case both sides would be in pain in the future.

Now, in her heart, Leona only wanted to bring up Eden well. She didn't care anymore about herself.

Maybe she should have a talk with York when he came back.

In the hotel, when York was sleeping, he heard his phone ringing. Besides, there was someone talking. He opened his eyes slowly and saw that Joyce was looking at his phone dully.

He was sober and grabbed the phone from Joyce's hand. "Who let you answer my phone? Who called you just now?"

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