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   Chapter 202 Are You So Cruel That You Don't Want To See Him (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-04 06:51

Leona was stunned by Wayne Zhang's words. She didn't talk about going to the hospital because she didn't like to see Greg at all.

Wayne Zhang couldn't help but sigh deeply. He could still remember everything that had happened to them when they were together.

He knew that Leona was poor at that time, but after she left, Mr. Wei had an even more pathetic time in the past few years.

Mr. Wei buried himself in the pile of documents every day, although he often took a woman out for date and there was never a piece of news about his love affair on the newspaper.

But he was the only one who knew these were made for outsiders. Greg had never had sex with any woman before, and Wayne didn't know when they would stop torturing each other.

He had been working for Greg for seven or eight years. He had never seen Greg desperate for anything, but he always lost his own judgment on anything as long as it was about Leona.

He didn't stay with Mr. Wei this time and was sent to do something else. He didn't come back hurriedly until something happened to Mr. Wei.

Since Mr. Wei was still in danger, no matter how hard he had done to Leona, this time was enough to make up for it.

And this was the most critical time for Mr. Wei. If Leona also went to the hospital, he believed that Mr. Wei would soon get better. At this moment, he closely stared at Leona, waiting for her answer.

Leona pondered for a long time and finally shook her head. "Sorry, I have no choice. There are doctors and nurses in the hospital, and you guys, even if I go to the hospital, it won't work!" Then Leona turned around and walked back.

Wayne Zhang didn't expect that Leona was so cold-blooded that she didn't even look at Greg. He shouted from behind, "Miss Ling, even if there was something that Mr. Wei did wrong to you

st want you to treat me as your lover!"

York lowered his head and didn't want to talk about it with her any more. He immediately called her to eat, and poured a glass of wine for her himself, "Cheers. We haven't drunk well for a long time. Let's enjoy ourselves!"

York had a plan in his mind that he could take away her phone and delete all the photos as long as she got drunk.

The two clinked glasses and drank together happily with his frequent toast. After they finished one after another, York felt dizzy again.

At the same time, on the other side, Joyce's face flushed and her eyes were full of alcohol. Without any doubt, she held up her glass and looked at York, saying drunkenly, "Well, Brother York, let's drink again!" With these words, York drained the glass in one gulp again.

With these thoughts in his mind, York felt somewhat dizzy too. He raised his glass too, but he only took a small sip.

However, although Joyce looked drunk, she was actually very sober. She pointed at York and said, "Brother York, you are brazen. I'm afraid that I'll be angry!"

York had no choice but to drink it up. Feeling dizzy, he murmured, 'how could she drink that much?' Even he was overwhelmed.

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