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   Chapter 201 Believe Me No Matter What Happens (Part Two)

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However, Leona could do nothing but kept saying, "I really have nothing to do with him. We are just acquainted with each other twice through working relationship!"

"How poor Mr. Wei is! He is still in danger because of his business partner whom he has only met twice. Now he is lying in the hospital alone. I don't know if he will wake up or if there is any influence..."

But Leona didn't hear the rest of the sentence. Her mind was still occupied with the words 'Greg is still in danger.' Did he really get such serious injuries?

She recalled the scene that she saw the two people-sized high-heeled skeletons yesterday. Those were made of pure iron, which was as thick as babies' arms. It was hard to imagine how severely the wound would be if hit.

On the other side of the canteen, Janie quickly walked towards them with a plate in her hands, and took Leona's hand. When Janie came in, she sat down at another table and overheard Leona asking about Greg.

Wearing an unhappy look on her face, Janie asked in a serious tone, "Leona, do you still love that man?"

Shocked by her words, Leona asked with confusion, "what are you talking about, Janie?"

"You know who I mean. But don't forget that you are now the fiancee of brother York. You are about to get married. That person has already been the past. You can't think of any other man in your heart except York. If he knows that, he must be very sad!"

Leona nodded and said, "I know what I should do and I won't betray York!"

Seeing Leona only lowered her head and played with the rice in her plate, Janie sighed deeply and didn't say anything. All she could do was try her best to help York to take care of Leona.

York had been in the company for a long time. There was something wrong with the domestic company and he needed a large amount of mon

only loved Leona and he would never marry any woman except her.

Since there were a lot of people coming and going in the office, York decided to find a quiet place to have a talk with Joyce.

Then York said, "It's almost noon. Let's have lunch first and then have a talk!" Then he walked outside.

Joyce gave him a wide grin and left after York.

As soon as Leona got back to her office, someone called her, "Angela, someone is looking for her!"

Outside the door stood a young man around twenty-seven. When he saw Leona, he took a few steps forward and said, "Miss Ling, do you know me?"

Looking carefully at the man in front of her, which looked a little familiar to her, she recognized him on second thought. He was Wayne Zhang, the Secretary of Greg Wei.

She didn't know why Wayne came to her office, but as a personal secretary to Greg, he definitely knew everything about Greg, so she nodded and said, "He Is he okay?"

Wayne bowed his head slightly and said, "Miss Ling, Mr. Wei was hurt because of you. I think you should pay him a visit anyway! Instead of asking me!"

Wayne was the one who knew most of the things between his boss and Leona. He sighed as he saw them end up like this.

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