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   Chapter 199 Irritating Pictures (Part Two)

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Hearing the sound when the door was closed, York finally raised his head from his knees. Leona still didn't the three words.

All of a sudden, York remembered the Wechat messages she had received before. He quickly turned on the phone, and then there were many messages and messages.

It photos of him and York sleeping on the bed. He lost his temper and wondered what the hell she wanted to do. And when did she take these pictures?

He could have pretended not to care about her before, but not now. If she had shown these to Leona, he did not dare to imagine the consequences.

Later, he received another message, which read, "York, why don't you answer my phone?" I want to see you before dinner. I am in the England branch of Zhao Group.

It was already five o'clock. He had a lot of work to deal with in the domestic company, so he could only stay here for one day. He didn't want to waste his precious time on having dinner with Joyce.

It had been more important to deal with Joyce as soon as possible. Disappointed, he dialed it and asked, "Joyce, what do you mean?"

Not until Joyce went to York's company did she know that York had gone to England. She was so angry with him. He had been avoiding her since that day.

If Joyce went to his company to meet him, he would say that he had a lot of work to do, either in a meeting or in a meeting with a client.

She knew that the crisis of the Zhao Group hadn't been really over yet, but he shouldn't have been so busy to deal with it.

As long as he agreed to marry her, the crisis of Zhao Group would be readily solved, but he had always delayed it. Joyce was unwilling to wait. She had been waiting for him for five years, and she had no more time to waste.

She was determined to get York, and nothing or anyone could stop her.

In particular, a few


While preparing the dinner in the kitchen, Leona shouted towards the room, "Eden, don't be too clingy. Daddy have been very tired lately. Just ask him to have a good rest. Go back to your room and do your homework. Mommy will call you when the dinner is ready!"

With his arms around York's neck, Eden pouted and said like a spoiled child, "Mommy, I haven't seen daddy for a long time. Could you let me play with him a little longer?"

York could tell that Eden did miss him very much, and he liked the little guy as well. He would talk about those annoying things tomorrow. He wanted to accompany his wife and his son well today.

At the thought of this, York held Eden's fat body and said, "How about I take Eden out to play? You can finish your homework later!"

"Okay, Mommy. Let's go have fun, okay? It will be ready soon! " In Eden's eyes, his mother meant a lot to him even though he liked York.

Although he really wanted to go out with York, he had to get the permission from his mother.

York dashed into the kitchen, with Eden in his arms. He said, "Leona, please agree to let us play. It's child's nature to play all day. He's just a little boy and he will be a nerd. He needs a break!"

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