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   Chapter 197 That's Greg's Flavor (Part Two)

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Right then, Leona sat in her seat. The director and actors were all in place. The director shouted, "Stage light! Stage light! Soon! The third group of shooting is about to begin!"

Everyone was nervously working on it, and when Leona saw that Greg was walking over from a distance, he had already appeared in front of her.

She looked around uneasily and found there were a lot of people here, which made her a little relieved. With so many people around, he shouldn't have done anything to her.

"Miss Ling, you have worked very hard these days!" Standing in front of Leona, Greg said with a rare smile on his face.

This scene shocked everyone, because in their eyes, Greg was always with a poker face. They had never seen him smile.

Leona moved a little uneasily, nodded and said, "well, it's my job!"

It was the first time that Greg had taken the initiative these days. Leona was nervous, but she couldn't refuse it and forced a smile.

On hearing that, Greg turned around, took a cup of milk tea from the Secretary's hand and put it in front of Leona, and took the cold drink in front of her away at the same time, said, "it's better for women to drink hot drinks!"

At the same time, Greg took off her coat and draped it over Leona. "If you feel uncomfortable, we can shoot on another day. Work can never be done. Health is the most important thing." he said.

Leona wanted to dodge, but she saw that Greg had turned around and left. She felt sad from his tall back.

As if no matter how many people there were, they couldn't melt the ice around him. Greg and this place were separated in two worlds.

Leona shook her head in disbelief. Why did she link those words to him? Greg was always bossy, cold and cruel.

It was impossible for him to paint the same name with a lonely girl. Even if he had, he was still the man who was unable to get close to the higher position, wasn't he? No one could get into his world.

To be honest, Leona indeed felt a little cold. Although she wanted to throw his coat aside, the warmth from it made her not want to throw it away.

There was a faint smell of the ancient dragon water and a faint smell of tobacco.

It tasted like Greg. Leona didn't expect that he still liked this brand over the years. At this moment, Leona seemed to return to the time when they were together.

Holding the milk tea in both hands, Leona felt that the temperature on the hot milk tea had been eased a lot. Looking at Greg's back, she had a different feeling now.


is head drooped heavily.

"Greg..." Leona screamed loudly, which brought everyone back to their senses.

All of a sudden, the crowd flew into a panic. Someone ran over and lifted up Greg from the floor. And there were also people putting away the falling crack on the floor.

Someone was driving, and someone was quickly contacting the nearest hospital. The scene was in a mess.

Sitting there like a zombie, Leona blankly watched the whole process. She would never forget that Greg had a moment of relief before he fainted.

Didn't he always hate her? It was her mother who took away his happy childhood life, thus his mother died with hatred.

Although her mother didn't killed Greg's mother directly, Greg's mother wouldn't have rushed out of the road and been hit by a car if her mother hadn't been involved in her family.

But just now, what Greg did showed how important she was to him. Was she really so important to him?

Leona's mind was in a total mess at this moment. She covered the wound with her hand on her chest. She still remembered Greg put his hand on her wound to protect there when he rushed here.

If he hadn't covered the wound, it would probably have been the severe impact to make it bleed again. Leona was deeply touched by his attention.

As soon as she saw that Greg was lifted into his limo, Leona struggled to get up from the ground and wanted to see if Greg was all right.

As the crack on the floor finally landed, her heart began to convulse violently. She was so scared that it might kill Greg.

However, just as she took a step forward, an arm pulled her back. She turned her head and saw a pair of eyes full of melancholy.

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