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   Chapter 195 A Carefully Planned Plot

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The repeated appearance of Greg made York very uneasy. He was eager to go back to England and see how things was going there, even if he could only stay for half a day.

But when he saw the expectant look on Joyce's face, he felt embarrassed to refuse her, so he raised the glass and drank it in one gulp.

"Arthur, in order to celebrate your recovery, I'd like to propose a toast to you!" Joyce's father raised his glass and propose a toast to Arthur.

Arthur's wife said with embarrassment, "Arthur has just been discharged from the hospital, and is not good for drinking. How about asking York to drink it for Dad?"

As the only son of Arthur and Joyce's father was dad's good friend for many years, of course, York could not refuse it, so he drank it in one gulp again.

Today Mr. Shen was unusually happy, toasting one glass after another. As for York, he couldn't refuse it.

Although it seemed to be easy for York to drink this kind of spirit, he still felt dizzy and blurred in front of him after drinking several glasses of spirit.

Soon later, he fell on the table, and Arthur shouted, "York? Wake up, York!" However, York still made no response.

Then Arthur and Mr. Shen gave a knowing smile and told Joyce to help York into his room.

They had reached an agreement with each other before. During these days, Mr. Shen was negotiating a business with the Wei Group, but they didn't get any help from the other side, which made Mr. Shen anxious.

This would affect the future development of the Shen Group. If the capital was not poured in, the Shen Group would face a lack of capital.

He made several phone calls to ask for money, but they were stalling. A few days ago, Wayne Zhang, the Secretary of Greg called him himself.

Wayne implied that as long as he could find a way to connect with Zhao Family by marriage, the money would be paid immediately, which was exactly what Mr. Shen had expected.

But York had refused to get engaged to Joyce a few years ago. Now it was not easy to make a match between them.

It happened that the Zhao Group encountered this crisis. Mr. Shen immediately found Arthur, told him his thoughts to the other party, and promised that as long as the Zhao family united by marriage, the Shen family would surely take action to help the Zhao family in case of any difficulties in the future.

Arthur was pleased with Mr. Shen's proposal. Over the years, York had made it clear to him that he would marry Leona, which bothered him a lot.

York once told him about Leona's life story. He sympathized with Leona, but he couldn't make her marry into Zhao family.

However, he did not know what to do when he heard York's determined attitude. He really regretted that he only gave birth to one child. Mr. Shen's suggestion just fitted in. They decided to play this battered flesh trick, hoping to let York give in.

Now, everything was ready. The rest was handed over to Joyce.

, his heart was filled with anger, frustration, hesitation and all kinds of complicated emotions. How could things be out of control? What happened last night?

He looked at Joyce in shock and shouted angrily, "Why are you on my bed?"

Joyce was hurt by his look. Although she and their parents plotted all last night, the disgusting expression of him at this moment was still deeply hurt her heart.

Her eyes were red and tears instantly fell down. She thought that she was also the daughter of the noble Shen clan, and there were many people who loved her.

It was just that she never took those people seriously. Every woman wanted the man she loved could love back. But why was her relationship so miserable?

She did nothing wrong. She just loved him. Was that wrong? Then she held the quilt and wailed. She choked with sobs and said, "yesterday, I saw you drank too much last night. I was so kind to help you into your room and have a rest. I didn't expect that you..."

York grabbed his hair and his head was heavy. It seemed that a hammer was smashing him in the head. He only remembered that he drank a few glasses of wine last night, but he had no impression of anything after that.

He grabbed his clothes nearby and put it on. However, the moment he lifted the quilt, he was shocked to see the dark red stain on the white sheet.

Although he had kept his virginity for so many years and believed that only with his beloved woman, he was still a smart man and knew what the red color meant.

Did I really do something to her last night? If that was the case, it would be troublesome. But why didn't he have any impression at all?

At this time, the door was in a mess and it was opened from the outside. Mr. and Mrs. Zhao and Mrs. Shen came in at the same time.

Seeing the two persons on the bed, Mrs. Shen blushed instantly. She turned around and scolded, "Joyce, how could you do such a thing? How can we face people like this? "

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