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   Chapter 188 Sharing A Room

Money Darling By Mouse Characters: 9001

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It was time for York to wrap up all the messy work in China. He couldn't help smiling every time he saw the engagement ring on his finger. He felt happy as long as he thought that Leona would be his woman soon.

He stood up and picked up the suit coat hanging aside. He got on the car and drove towards the airport. He asked his secretary to book an evening ticket to England.

He could have waited till tomorrow daytime. But he was really concerned about his little woman. He hadn't seen her for more than a week. He didn't know if she had meals on time.

She was always weak. Since she gave birth to Eden, she was even weaker than before. He was afraid that she would be exhausted.

He had told her countless times not to go to work, as long as she could stay at home and take care of Eden, he could make her live a comfortable life.

But Leona didn't agree. She was a tough woman and didn't want to live on a man. God knew how much he wanted her to rely on himself. Only in this way could he feel safe. At least, he knew that Leona needed him.

Not only did women need a sense of security, but also men needed a sense of security. But he knew that Leona didn't want to do that. He certainly wouldn't force her to do something she didn't like. He could only remind her to take care of herself every day.

After eight hours' flight, York got off the plane and rushed to where Leona lived as soon as possible. They had been apart for so many days. Did she miss him?

To show his respect for Leona, even if they were engaged, he did not live with her. Instead, he wanted to keep all the best things between them on the wedding day.

With loads of things for Leona and her son, he rang the bell.

Just when Leona and Janie fell into a panic, Eden, with his sharp ears, heard the doorbell outside the room. He rushed out like a small firecracker and shouted. "It's dad!"

However, as Leona was about to call out to Eden, it was too late for her to find out who the man was through the cat's eye. And the door had been opened.

"Daddy, I knew it was you!" Outside the door came a burst of cheers, and Eden threw himself into the arms of York.

"Has Eden behaved well these days? Did you make Mommy angry?" York held the petite figure of fly in his arms and wiped his chubby face hard. Then he put a remote control toy in his hand.

Hearing that familiar voice, Leona was relieved. She took over the big bag and said, "Eden, it's very tiring to let others carry you like this. Go back and do your homework!"

"Okay!" With a pout, Eden got off the body of York.

York patted him on the head and said, "I will take you to have a big meal after you finish your homework? Eden

he still felt frightened at this moment. Greg brought her so much pain.

York felt the stiffness of Leona and felt bitter in his heart. She could not adapt to being with him in the end.

Although she said she was willing to have him take care of her, from her natural reaction, he knew that she resisted to do that in her heart.

This can't go on like this. Leona will be my woman sooner or later. I have to get her used to my existence.'

He could have done it before she was ready, but at least she needed to adapt to his existence in her life. But it was a kind of torture for him.

After all, he was a normal man and had his own needs. It was difficult for any man to stay with his beloved woman and not touch her.

But York could endure this. After all, he had been waiting for her for so many years.

However, York had made up his mind that he would live with Leona all his life in Britain, though it would take long time. While he was caressing her long soft hair with his hand, York said, "could we live together from now on?"

Hearing his words, Leona froze again and dared not move.

She was constantly doing psychological construction for herself. She had been engaged to York. They would get married soon. This was a matter of time. She had to adapt to it.

"Yes!" A soft reply was heard. Then the room fell into silence again.

Leona thought she wouldn't fell asleep, but she fell asleep soon after a short while. York's body was so warm that gave her a very warm feeling.

However, York was not as comfortable as Leona. Leona curled up into a ball when he saw her sleeping like a baby. Her face was reflected by the moonlight through the curtain, just like a little elf sneaked out from nowhere.

Now York regretted staying here. He was asking for trouble.

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