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   Chapter 183 I Finally See Her

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Seeing that Leona still didn't believe what he had said, York raised three fingers and swore to her, "I swear to God that I would be hit to death by a car if I had lied to Leona..."

"Don't say anything unlucky! I trust you! " Leona hurriedly covered his mouth to stop him from talking nonsense. At this moment, the misunderstanding between them was finally cleared up. She was also relieved.

Hearing her answer, York pressed her hand against his mouth violently and gave her a big kiss. Then he said, "so you have forgiven me?"

Hearing his words, Leona looked at him with tenderness and said, "I'm not angry with you. I just..."

"Just what?" York fixed his eyes on her and asked unremittingly.

Hearing that, Leona blushed and stammered, "I was just I just feel a little uncomfortable seeing you with other women!"

She spoke in a lower and lower voice that was barely heard later, but York could hear her all the time. His heart seemed to open a window. He held Leona up and spun on the ground.

"Ouch, I feel dizzy. Put me down!" Leona cried out to stop York.

York was in a good mood. He finally heard the answer he wanted. Although Leona had not said she loved him, he believed that one day she would say the most beautiful words to him.

Guru, an embarrassed voice came. With a blush on her face, Leona said, "I'm going to cook!" She hadn't eaten for a whole day, no wonder her stomach protest.

York pulled her, "Let me do it."

"When did you learn to cook? You never cook, right? " Leona asked in surprise. Although York had taken good care of her and her son in the past five years, he had never cooked.

Even when she was at the hospital for confinement, he always ordered food from restaurant. When did he learn to cook?

York said, "There are a lot of things you don't know. I'll show you today. Just wait!" Then she turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Looking at this clumsy man with an apron around his waist, who was a typical good husband, she wondered why she was so lucky to meet a good man like Daniel in her previous life?

The fragrance of food came from the kitchen soon. Lola was surprised to see that Harry was like a magic artist pulling out her favorite dishes.

She tasted it and found it tasted just like what it had been these days in the restaurant. She looked at Daniel with surprise. When did he learn it?

However, Daniel said mysteriously, "you didn't expect it, did you? And out of your expectation, I cooked all the food you had these days by myself. I've spent a lot of time learning those dishes. I begged the chef to teach me, and then asked someone to send the food! How about this? How can you find a husband like this? There is only one in the world, and there are no next time. Have you considered marrying me? I will cook your favorite dish for free all my life!"

Hearing that, Leona

lanation than John."

Leona had no choice but to agree, and took the advertisement to prosperity company directly

On the way out of his office, Greg walked out and looked into the meeting room casually. But then, a familiar figure came into her view all of a sudden.

"Leona?" Greg felt his heart hit hard and then called an employee passing by, "who is sitting inside?"

The staff looked inside and said, "Mr. Wei, they are from Yuanhua Advertisement Company to talk about the advertisement!"

Before the staff could finish speaking, Greg said directly, "call off the meeting and ask them to come to my office to talk!" Then Greg turned around and walked back to the CEO's exclusive elevator. The elevator door was closed again in an instant.

"CEO?" They all looked at Greg in surprise. He had never asked such a trivial thing as advertisement. Why was he suddenly interested in it today?

The employee did not dare to neglect, and hurried into the meeting room as CEO instructed.

"This project plan of your company meets the needs of our current season products. If there is no problem, we can sign the contract now!" The staff of the planning department took out a contract, preparing to sign it with Leona.

All of a sudden, an employee came in and said, "wait, this advertising case hasn't been signed yet, so our president asked you to go to the president's office in person for the contract signing!"

The people in the planning department were also surprised, but since the CEO personally asked them to do so, they didn't dare to neglect. They quickly smiled and said, "I'm sorry, please come with me to the CEO's office!"

Leona looked at them curiously. Although Prosperity Company was not a big company, it was a small case which the CEO did not need to personally investigate.

But since they had said so, she could not refute. Leona could only follow him to the CEO's office

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