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   Chapter 182 The Misunderstanding Clarified

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When Leona was about to make some dinner, the doorbell rang again. She opened the door and found it was a waiter delivering food. She was surprised and said, "Are you mistaken? I didn't order any food!"

The waitress looked at the menu, then at the order list, and asked, "are you Miss Ling?"

Leona nodded stiffly and said again, "that's right. Please keep your food!"

The next day's breakfast was also sent, all of which were the food of the big restaurant. At a glance, Leona suddenly understood, that the only one who was so careful and considerate on her was York Zhao.

But he didn't show up. Just now, Janie and Hanni called her and asked why she asked for sick leave. Only then did she know that York was so careful that even asked for sick leave for her.

When Leona was about to send Eden to the kindergarten, he said, "no, mom, daddy Uncle Zhao has told me that he would pick me up to the kindergarten every morning in the next few days. He said that mom was injured and Eden couldn't let you be tired, so mom should have a good rest!" As soon as he finished saying that, Eden dashed out. He disappeared without waiting for Leona's answer.

For the next two days, meals were regularly sent here at a fixed time. Those were nutritious but not greasy food, which were all Leona's favorite food.

Leona knew that York was apologizing to her. She wasn't mad at him, but every time she thought of what she saw in his office the other day, she stopped making the call.

Although she was not angry, it didn't mean that she didn't mind it. Now that he had found another woman, it was better for them to keep distance from each other, so as to avoid more trouble in the future.

As soon as Eden ran out of the car, he saw that York had been waiting for him by the car door. At the sight of Eden, York hastily carried Eden in his arms and put him on the back seat of the car. As soon as he placed the boy on the back seat, he asked, "Eden, what did your mother say these two days?"

It was a secret between him and Eden. As they said, it was a secret between men. Eden was going to report to York what Leona said.

Thinking carefully about what Leona had told him, Eden said, "well, Mommy doesn't allow me to call you daddy again. I have to call you uncle Zhao. Mommy said future Aunt Zhao would be angry in the future!"

York shook his head. He really couldn't understand what was on Leona's mind.

Then York added, "does Eden want uncle Zhao to be your real father instead of god father?"

With his eyes as big as two black grapes, Eden said emotionally, "really! I love you most!"

"Then can you do daddy a favor? There have been some misunderstandings between your mommy and daddy recently. Your mommy is angry with me. You have to speak for me in front of your mommy." York continued to teach him by words.

York knew that Eden was the life of Leona. As long as he exerted Eden to play tricks on Leona, it w


She didn't mean to do that. If she had known that York would put his hand here, she would not have closed the door.

"Come on! Check whether you are hurt or not!" Seeing the obvious red mark on York's hand, Leona turned around and wanted to find the medicine box to bind up his wound.

However, when she turned around, she was immediately held by York from behind. He put his head on her shoulder and said, "Leona, could you give me a chance to explain what happened that day? That day I... "

But before he could finish his words, Leona covered her ears with her hands and said excitedly, "I don't want to hear it anymore. Please don't say it!"

York grabbed her hands and pressed them on both sides to force her to listen to him. At the same time, he whispered, "keep your voice down. Eden is sleeping. Do you want to wake him up?"

As soon as Eden was mentioned, Leona calmed down immediately. Now her two hands were controlled by York, so she had no choice but to obey him.

York puffed on her ear and said, "That day, that woman was the manager of the Department of public relations. Her secretary told me you were here. I asked her to come here temporarily just to find out whether you care a little about me. Even her lipstick was deliberately applied on my face. I promise I didn't kiss her or touch her. If you don't believe me, I can ask my secretary and the PR Manager to come here. Oh, I have the surveillance video in my office. I can show it to you!"

At first, Leona listened to his words with a stiff body, but later she was relaxed gradually. She turned her head and looked at York in surprise, "you said you did all these just to test me? Including the power off of elevator?"

She could not help but feel a little angry. This childish York did not know that since she was trapped in the elevator in his company that day, she had been traumatized. Today she dared not to take the elevator and chose to climb the stairs.

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