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   Chapter 180 Get Out Of My Way

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Hearing this, Leona covered her mouth with her hand and looked at what happened in disbelief. Then she came to a sudden stop.

How could she go in and question him? She was just a friend, wasn't she? Who gave her the right to stop him?

She slowly retracted her feet and ran to the exit passageway as fast as she could, tears falling down unwittingly.

Although York had acted intimately with Nisha, his heart was pounding. Nisha had told him in secret that Leona was at the door. He wasn't sure what she would react.

But he didn't turn back. Maybe Leona was so angry that she would come to slap him, or even came to question him. At this moment, York felt a little uncomfortable. Why did he feel himself so cheap?

However, as long as it could prove that he had a place for him in Leona's heart, York didn't care even if she would be slapped. She was not strong enough to hurt him.

"Mr. Zhao, Miss Ling is out!" The Secretary saw that Leona left and hurriedly went to the door to inform York.

As soon as he heard that, York quickly got up from Nisha and strode towards the elevator. However, when he arrived, he found that the elevator door was closed.

He pressed the button quickly. He blamed himself for having done this test. What if she misunderstood him and decided to ignore him all the time?

At the same time, he was very angry. Why didn't she come in and question him?

The Secretary ran after them out of breath and said, "Mr. Zhao, Miss Ling is running towards the emergency passage!"

Emergency passage? She didn't take the elevator. Why should she take the safe passage? Then York turned around and whirled towards the emergency passage.

Leona ran all the way down the stairs, but her legs had long been powerless after climbing a dozen of stairs, and at this time, her feet did not stand firm, so she suddenly fell to the ground.

She got swollen in her ankle, and blisters on her feet because she had climbed the stairs before, but these were not enough to counteract the pain in her heart.

She shouldn't have hoped too much. She shouldn't have been with York in the first place. He was rich, handsome, well-educated and refined. He could deserve a better girl in any way.

At least she was a woman of humble birth, with low education background and a child. She was no match for York.

Perhaps last night, he just had too much adrenaline, and she was stupid enough to come here to get back York. She was really over confident.

Fortunately, they were not really married. Otherwise, she could not imagine how she could live in the future if such things happened again after they got married?

At the very least, she still had Eden. From now on, she would be unable to have any other men except him.

She kept comforting herself, but why was her heart still painful? She could hardly breathe because of the pain. It turned out that York

. I'm leaving now!"

"Leona, no, No. Listen to me..." However, Leona couldn't walk at all. Seeing that York was coming to pull her, Leona fell down the stairs in a hurry.

Fortunately, there was only one step left, otherwise she would have broken it. In spite of this, her injured ankle was once again knocked on the stairs, and a cold sweat broke out on her forehead because of the pain.

It was not until then that York saw her swollen ankle. He quickly ran to her and said, "You sprained your ankle. Come to my office. I'll rub it for you with medicinal liquor!" Then he tried to lift Leona up.

"Go away. I'm fine. I can go now. Don't touch me!" Leona still resisted his touching, especially when she saw the lipstick print on his white shirt, she kept thinking about what she just saw in his office.

At this time, York was also angry. Why was this woman so disobedient? Although she was injured, why did she insist on staying here? At this moment, he had no time to hesitate anymore. He bent down and directly picked Leona up and went upstairs.

"Get off me! York Zhao, get away from me!" However, Leona kept struggling as she didn't want to feel sick since he just touched and hugged another woman.

Her constant struggle made York unable to hold her steadily. He feared that she fell down again and resulted in more serious injury to her ankle.

With a heavy face, York said angrily, "Shut up. Woman, you have to cooperate with me now. Otherwise, I will throw you out directly!"

However, Leona did not buy it. She also glared at him and said, "Then you can throw me out. In short, you are not allowed to touch me!"

Seeing her stubborn expression, York was so angry that he directly propped her against the wall, his taut body clung to her, his eyes narrowed dangerously and he said with a threatening tone, "If you don't listen to me now, do you believe that I can have you right here right now?"

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