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   Chapter 179 Men Were All Like This

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A spasm of apprehension overwhelmed York. 'What if Leona is truly indifferent?' he thought. Was he still pursuing her?

He knew clearly that she had no feelings for him at all. What was the point of holding on?

But in his heart, he was screaming for Leona. Even though he knew she didn't love him at all, he just wanted to see her be with him.

He wished he could see her at home every day and greet the first ray of sunshine with her every morning. But would she really be happy in that case?

Should he fight for her with all his heart, or should he let her choose her own life? York was caught in a dilemma again.

He became more upset. More than twenty minutes had passed since his secretary told him that Leona got on the elevator.

According to his instruction, the elevator was only stopped for five minutes. Leona should have come up. Is she in danger?

He was worried about whether Leona would be in danger, and he was also afraid that once he left here and went to the door to have a look, and just saw Leona coming out of the elevator, all his efforts would be in vain.

He leaned on the couch restlessly and listened carefully outside.

At this moment, he forgot that Nisha was under him. He threw himself on her. Although she liked it, she didn't know how to breathe. York was a strong man after all.

When she saw that York looked like a restless young man, she understood that he was pretending for someone.

Everyone in the company knew that York had never brought any other women here except for Emily. And the way he looked at Miss Ling also let everyone know what he was thinking.

Just now, as soon as she came up, the Secretary had told her that Miss Ling had come. At the sight of the act of York, she understood that this must be Mr. Zhao's attempt to test whether Miss Ling had feelings for him as well.

Thinking of this, Nisha couldn't help but burst into laughter. How ridiculous York was! It was an old day. How could he use this method to test her? What if he was serious?

But since York liked to do this, they naturally did not have a chance to interfere. But now in order not to be suppressed by York, she felt it necessary to remind him!

"Ahem, Mr. Zhao, I can't breathe!" Nisha protested, holding her head high.

It was not until now that York realized he was still on that girl. Suddenly, he stood up and said apologetically, "sorry, I forget you are still here!" York quickly lifted her upper body to make Nisha breathe. But he didn't plan to go down, fearing that Leona would miss the scene.

Nisha reminded him in his ear, "Mr. Zhao, the secretary is outside. You can ask her to remind you loudly when Miss Ling is about to come in! And you should deliberately leave a crack on the door so that Miss Ling can see what is going on in the office. Then you can know what Miss Ling wants to do!"

Why didn't he think of

aw her coming up through the exit passageway aside. Then he exclaimed, "Miss Ling, you..." Then she remembered what York had just told her and shouted.

Hearing this, Leona waved her hand and gasped, "It doesn't matter. He is busy with his work. I can wait here..." However, before she could finish her words, a woman's scream came from the office of York Zhao.

She was not an ignorant girl. She knew exactly what that kind of call meant. At that moment, her heart was beating hard. This scene seemed to have happened to her before.

But at that time it was Greg. York was not a playboy like Greg. But now she couldn't be sure about that.

Ignoring the Secretary's obstruction, she limped to the door of the president's office. The door was not closed, and through the gap of the door she saw something that she could not believe.

York was sitting at the desk with a woman and his back was to the door.

At that moment, a clear and silvery sound came from Leona's chest, which broke her heart. It turned out that the world was so dark. She had thought that York was different from others, but it seemed that it was just her wishful thinking.

She still remembered what he had said to her that night. He said that he only wanted her in his life. How stupid she was to believe what he had said.

As a man, how could a twenty-six year old man not have that kind of sexual desire? And now he even did such a thing in the office. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn't believe it was true.

The feeling of being cheated swept through her like the tide. She staggered a little. York was no different from Sally. She shouldn't have extravagant hopes, shouldn't she?

At this moment, she was so disappointed with all the men. Just as the old saying goes, "if men are reliable; pigs are able to climb up the trees!"

Leona took a step forward, by instinct, she wanted to rush into the office.

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