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   Chapter 178 A Childish Test

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At that moment, Greg felt that his heart was back to life, and he was sure that Leona was in that taxi.

In the past five years, he had loved her almost 2000 days and nights. Although he had slept with countless women during these five years, he never had any interest in them.

Once upon a time, he even thought that maybe he would get erected. But he was so drunk that he once took a woman as Leona and plundered her crazily at that night.

But at the last minute, when he lowered his head and saw the woman under him was not Leona, he lost all his interest.

He left the body of that woman at once and said coldly, "get out!" Then he went back to the company.

Since then, he finally knew it was not that he was sexually impotent, but that he was only interested in Leona.

He hated himself very much in the past. He was Greg Wei. He should never let a woman affect his will, especially she was the daughter of the woman he hated most.

In fact, although he tried to keep the secret, only he knew that after Leona left, he could sleep well on the bed where he once lived with her.

Every time when he woke up in the middle of the night, he clearly saw that Leona had come back to him. However, when he woke up, he found that it was just a dream.

In order to forget her, he would devote himself wholeheartedly to work, or date with different women. He didn't want to be alone, because every time he had to face the midnight alone, Greg couldn't help but think of Leona's face.

The way she grumbled when she was angry, the way she laughed when she was young, the way she cooked were all engraved on his mind. Greg couldn't forgive her, but he couldn't forget her every single smile.

He had known that she wanted to leave him. He had thought that it was impossible for her to leave under his tight monitoring, but he hadn't expected that she finally escaped.

But he didn't expect that she would appear in England five years later. A gloomy smile appeared on Greg's face. Leona, you had nowhere to escape this time. Even if you were hiding in a mouse hole, I would find you out!

You're mine as long as you're alive, and you're dead as well. Woman, you can't escape from me. Just wait and see!

Sitting in his office, York was in a bad mood. Last night, he went straight to the company after leaving Leona's home.

York didn't show his bad temper because of his good manners, but all the employees could tell that he was in a bad mood from his gloomy face and cold manner.

Therefore, apart from some necessary work, no one dared to step into his office the whole morning.

"Ling..." Suddenly, an internal call came from the desk. Hearing that, York slightly twitched the corners of his mouth. His secretary told him that Leona was coming and that she was walking towards the president's office by elevator.

"Close the elevator to the CEO's offi

t this moment, she truly felt the threat of death.

Not knowing how long it had passed, perhaps only a few minutes, or several hours, Leona had lost a little sense of time in the endless fear.

All of a sudden, the elevator's lights were on all around. With a pale face, Leona was scared. Was she really going to fall?

However, she calmed down quickly after she saw the light. It was not until she felt carefully that the elevator was going up that she gradually calmed down.

Even so, after experiencing the fear just now, she no longer dared to take this unreliable elevator.

She pressed the "stop" button and fled the elevator as fast as she could. She felt she was reborn.

Although she was on the 16th floor, York's office was on the 28th floor. If she didn't take the elevator, she had to climb the stairs.

Looking at the endless stairs, Leona gritted her teeth and decided to go all out. To save her life, she wouldn't take the risk of taking the elevator again.

Nisha could even hear his racing heart. It was obvious how nervous York was. In an instant, her arms encircled his neck automatically. With a bright smile on her face, she pouted, "it doesn't matter. I don't mind what I do. I will do my best to cooperate with you!"

Seeing her acting like a pervert, York was a little afraid at this moment. He felt like he was staring at the little red cap as if she were a wolf.

He was anxious and flustered, wondering how Leona would react after she saw that. Would she be so indifferent to give her blessings? Or just turn around and leave angrily?

At this moment, he even felt regretful for his decision. He was just trying to test whether Leona was naive or not?

But he really wanted to know if he still had a place in Leona's heart. Even if she showed a little sadness, she would still have a feeling for him. He would still pluck up the courage to launch another attack on her

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