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   Chapter 177 Go To Find York Zhao

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In the company, Leona was not energetic for a whole day. She kept thinking about last night when York left and what Eden said this morning. What should she do?

Leona took out her cellphone several times and put her finger on it, but she didn't have the courage to dial York's number. She sighed for many times the whole morning.

At noon, Janie and Hanni took Leona to the restaurant outside. After graduation from school, they entered the same company, and they all worked in the creative department.

At this moment, Hanni looked at Leona using a fork to slice the noodles on the plate, but she didn't eat it at all. Hanni looked at Jenifer and said, "Leona, are you looking for gold? You are not yourself today. Tell us what happened!"

As soon as Leona raised her head, she saw both of the twins looking at her with their big eyes. It was not until then that she realized that she hadn't taken a single bite of the food since it was served that she said hastily, "Nothing. I am just thinking about the advertising case of Anderson Company!" Then she quickly forked a mouthful of noodles into her mouth.

However, after a while, she looked blankly at the noodles on the plate again. Although her eyes were fixed on the noodles, she was thinking about something else.

The two looked at each other again, indicating that something must have happened, and it was not like what Leona was said that she was thinking about the case.

Immediately, Janie reached out her hand and shook it in front of Leona, forcing her to recall her soul. Then she put on a look of the north and pointed at her, "To be honest, you've been sighing the whole morning. What on earth happened?"

Hanni also added, "Yes, you're right. If you still treat us as your good friend, just tell us the truth. If you don't tell us the truth, from now on, other people will not talk to you any more!"

Seeing that these two men were about to get to the bottom of the matter, Leona knew that it was not appropriate for her to keep silent, but at least they could help her to get an idea.

Otherwise, from last night till now, she could feel that her head was aching, but she could not come up with a good answer. Then, she put on a look of surrender and said, "Well, well, I say it is not enough. York proposed to me yesterday..."

Before she could finish her words, the two opposite her suddenly jumped up from their seats as if they were infuriated.

With a clap of his hands, Harley said excitedly, "are you telling the truth? Did York really propose to you? When will you hold your wedding? I must be your bridesmaid. Oh no, if I'm your bridesmaid, I'll dress you up so that York can throw you to bed at night!"

With a surprised look on her face, Janie said to her, "Congratulations! I'll make it clear in advanc

"Oh, your noodles are not finished yet!" Watching her back, Hanni shouted.

With a poke to Daniel, Janie said, "A woman who is nourished by love doesn't need to eat anything. Besides, is York willing to let her starve?" Janie didn't even realize that there was a trace of jealousy in her words.

While Hanni looked at her doubtfully and said: "why do I feel that you are very unhappy? Do you love York? He only loves Leona."

Janie gave him a hard look and said, "I don't like him. He loves another woman."

Hanni shrugged. He lowered his head and said in a low voice while eating the noodles on his plate, "I was just kidding!"

Janie looked at the spaghetti that Leona didn't eat, and she was really sad. She had been deeply attracted by York since the first time she saw him five years ago.

But she always knew that it was impossible for them to be together. There was only one person in his heart, and Janie hid her heart. Even if they could only be friends, it was better than not seeing him.

She knew how hard it was for him to love Leona, so she would do anything to help him get her.

Leona came out of the office in a hurry, then she took a taxi heading to York's company.

On the opposite side of the taxi, a luxury limo came straight. When the two cars met, Greg lifted his head from a file, and a familiar face flashed through his eyes.

"Leona?" He shouted, "stop the car!"

The car made a huge sound of brake on the ground, but when he looked forward again, there was only the endless flow of people and the face he was not familiar with.

He believed his eyes and said to Wayne, "Go and check if Leona is in England or not."

At this time, Leona had come to the office building of York. She had been here with him before, so many people in the company knew her.

At the same time, she walked directly to York Zhao's office.

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