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   Chapter 175 Be Together

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When Leona and York were sitting in the dining room, York ordered a large table of dishes, which made Leona speechless. She said, "We can't eat so much. It's too wasteful!"

However, York said casually, "it doesn't matter. Today is a good day to celebrate, isn't it, Eden?"

"Well, let's drink to our father and son's love!" As soon as he finished speaking, Eden directly raised the bottle of drink in his hand.

Leona was confused by the situation. When did they become father and son?

Looking at the stunned expression on Leona's face, York said with a smile, "I'm already your god father. Is that Eden?"

With a shrimp in his mouth, Eden said happily, "yes, I have a dad at last!"

Wearing an unhappy face, Leona scolded, "Eden, don't be silly! How could uncle Zhao be your father? Don't call him that!"

The excitement on Eden's face was replaced by disappointment. With his head down, he reluctantly answered, "okay!"

Seeing the aggrieved look on Eden's face, York said immediately, "Leona, you scared Eden. How could you be like this?"

Leona also felt a little guilty, but she always felt weird when she heard Eden address York as daddy.

York had helped her and her son a lot over the past few years. Leona had promised Arthur five years ago, but she had broken her promise. How could she let him be Eden's ' father now?

She raised her head and said to Eden apologetically, "I'm sorry, Eden. I didn't mean it!"

Eden nodded obediently, but he didn't show much interest. He could tell that his mom was unhappy and he wouldn't mention his dad any more.

In the evening, after sitting down in the living room, York was still sitting there, working on his laptop. Leona had coaxed Eden into sleeping.

Zhao Group was much more powerful than it was five years ago and had an inexorable bond with its hard work. Every time he saw it five years ago, York was reminding himself to be stronger unless he wanted to be defeated easily.

At the moment, when he saw Leona, York raised his head from his computer and looked at her who was sitting on the sofa. "Leona, don't you think you should take one more step forward? Are you going to live with Eden like this for the rest of your life? He needs a father. You can't both be mom and dad in his life.

Leona dared not look into his eyes. "Oh It has been so late that day. You'd better go back to have a rest. Don't you have to go to the branch tomorrow?"

Over the years, York opened a branch company in England, so that he could be closer to Leona. He had been devoting himself to her all the time.

She knew what York was going to say, but she didn't dare to face his eyes. For so many years, she knew that York had been waiting for her, but it was

y on her single bed. York took a good look at her up and down as if she was a piece of treasure. God knew how long he had been waiting for this moment. Today finally came.

With her eyes closed, Leona waited for that moment to come and left her one by one with her clothes. She had mixed feelings.

She didn't regret doing that, because she didn't know how else she could use to repay York's deep affection for her. Since she could not give him heart, giving him her body was another kind of reward.

She didn't intend to live with anyone in the future, so there was no betrayal. She was her own master.

However, York didn't notice Leona's abnormality. His hands were even trembling. All of a sudden, he searched for something in the pocket as if he remembered something.

Finally, he took out a flannel box. He had brought this box on himself for a long time. Inside was a diamond ring. He had long wanted to give it to Leona, but she had never agreed to his pursuit.

Now she finally agreed to be with him. He thought it was time. Although he studied in England, he was a traditional man deep in his heart.

Once he decided to be with her, he would live with her for the rest of his life. And Leona had always been the woman in his heart for the rest of his life.

Now that they had come to this stage, they were bound to get married. He must nail down their marriage as soon as possible.

York took Leona's hand and put the diamond ring on her ring finger, imaging that he stepped into the hall with her.

With her eyes closed, Leona was waiting for that moment. Although she didn't have that kind of feeling for York, it didn't matter.

But suddenly, York stopped his movement and left her. Then, a sense of coolness came over her fingers. Shocked, she opened her eyes and saw a diamond ring.

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