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   Chapter 167 You Brutal Asshole

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Leona was busy taking the last fish to her plate. She had no idea what had happened outside until she heard someone quarreling and a voice that sounded like York. She wondered why she heard his voice.

But the following bump and the Hanni's scream gave her a good scare.

Leona put the soup aside and rushed out of the kitchen. At the moment she came out, she saw that York was staring at the outside of the door with anger.

"Oh my God! York! When did you come back?" Leona cried out in surprise. Then she followed the sight of York and saw Hanni lying outside the open door. She was so surprised that she ran out.

York pulled Leona's arm and asking, supressing his anger, "Leona, who is that man? Why is he here?"

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, York couldn't believe that the perfect Leona would bring a man to his house.

He didn't blame her for being with Greg before, because he knew that she had to.

But how could she explain this man now? What's more, the man looked abnormal, which made him feel sick. How could Leona be with such a man?

What made him even more indignant was that Leona had tried her best to make a clean break from him. He could understand that she was hurt badly because of her pregnancy or because of Greg.

But he could wait. He didn't care about it at all. As long as Leona gave him her whole heart, he didn't care about anything.

But she just came here for a month, but she found such a womanish man unexpectedly, and brought this man home publicly. What did she take him for?

She could use him when she needed him, and when she didn't need him, she would throw him aside. Since she could accept such a man, why couldn't she accept him?

If he hadn't come back in time and was still kept in the dark, although Leona hadn't agreed to be with him, deep in his heart, York had always taken her as his woman. Now he felt very grieved and indignant, because he was cheated on.

York had wanted to give Leona a surprise, but he didn't expect that it was a shock to him. At this moment, he stared at Leona with his hurt eyes, hoping that she could give him an explanation.

The punch was so heavy that York hit him hard. When York was at school, he was the leader of Taekwondo, so it was normal for him to hit like this.

The moment when Hanni entered the room, he felt that his body was torn apart. He kept moaning on the ground. When he saw Leona, he shouted, "Sister Leona, you control you man. How could you let him beat people randomly? Ouch, it hurts!"

Leona was also confused and looked at them. Why was York so angry? What's more, he hit Hanni. Although Hanni was a man, but he is as weak as a girl. How can he

hat did he think of her? Although she was no longer a pure girl, she was not a saucy woman?

Although Leona was not happy with his words, she knew York still cared about her. Therefore, she controlled her temper and said with a nod, "we are just friends."

Standing next to her, Janie seemed to understand what was going on. She stood out and explained, "We are only friends with Leona. Because we come from China, naturally we are closer than others. Sister Leona said today is Sunday and she specially asked us to come here to have a look at your home!"

Her words convinced York. Embarrassed, he apologized, "I'm sorry. I was too impulsive. Did you get hurt? Let's go to the hospital!"

Hanni was not unreasonable. He dusted his clothes and said, "you don't have to go to the hospital. Since you have apologized, I forgive you!"

Seeing this man being obedient to Leona, Hanni was much relieved. At least Leona was here and Hanni believed that he would not hurt him again.

Having forgotten the experience of being beaten, Hanni's eyes shone again when he looked at York up and down. York was a standard model figure.

Looking into the eyes of Hanni, York felt embarrassed. He coughed slightly and said, "since the misunderstanding has been explained clearly, you'd better go inside now!"

Hearing this, Leona suddenly screamed, "oh my God, I'm cooking fish in the pot!" Then she let go of Hanni and ran to the kitchen.

York took a glare at Hanni and said, "although you are Leona's friend, you are not allowed to look at me in that way. Otherwise, I will beat you!"

Hanni was shocked by York and he hid behind Janie immediately. "Are you an alien? You are afraid of me seeing you? If you dare to touch me again, I will tell Leona and she will teach you a lesson!"

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