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   Chapter 166 Bring The Man To My Home

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On the next day, Greg was working in his office as usual. And Wayne rushed into the office and reported in a panic, "Mr. Wei, bad news. I just got the news from the hospital that Jonson had died last night. He died because of the nurse's negligence. A large amount of air entered when he was having an intravenous drip. Now Johnson is still in the hospital's corpse room. What should we do?"

Greg slapped the table and shouted angrily, "how could this happen? What did they do? There are so many doctors and nurses in the hospital, but they can't take care of one person?"

Sitting on the chair in a dejected mood, Greg thought, 'Now I can't explain myself. Leona is sure to think I killed her father on purpose.'

"Mr. Wei, what should we do now? This is a severe medical accident. If it is discovered by someone, it will not only damage the hospital, but also damage the reputation of the Wei Group!" Wayne said anxiously. It was a matter of life and death, and if it was exposed, as the owner of the hospital, Greg would suffer.

Greg tried to calm himself down and said, "There's no other choice. Block all the news and send him to the crematory. We can't contact his family. Besides, send all the doctors, nurses and their attending doctors and special nurses who know about the incident abroad. Make sure that they are not allowed to leak any information. Otherwise, they will be in grave danger!"

A few days later, when York showed up in the hospital with a bunch of flowers and all kinds of supplements, he was told that Jonson had passed away. He was shocked and said: "how could it be like this? Wasn't he alright before?"

The nurse said coldly, "I've told you on TV that he's critically ill. Ask his family to see him for the last time, but they didn't come alone. He's already gone!"

York knew that what the nurse said was not true, and his secretary could not tell him the wrong information. There must be other reasons for the sudden death of Jonson.

As soon as York left the hospital, he called his secretary and said in a hurry, "why did Jonson suddenly pass away? Didn't you say that he is in good health? Call your classmate right now and ask him what happened exactly!"

The secretary got panic when he heard the news. After a while, he called back York and said anxiously, "vice president, I can't get in touch with my classmate. His family said that he has studied abroad!"

In the blink of an eye, Leona had been in England for a month. She was listening to the class and Janie and Hanni were sitting opposite her.

Now she had been pregnant for nearly four months, but she vomited a lot recently, which made her, who was originally thin, not plumper because of the pregnancy, look even thinner. Fortunately, with the care of her two good friends, she was in a better mood.

When they knew that Leona was pregnant before she went to school, they didn't look down upon

was being sold out.

His anger grew more intense. Trying hard to suppress his anger, he pushed the mentioned man away, walked into the house, pointed at him and said, "don't look at me with that disgusting look. You haven't answered my question yet. Who the hell are you? What's the relationship between you and Leona? "

But his words didn't work. His eyes were still fixed on him. He looked down from the top to the back and looked up and down!

"Wow, that's exactly what I want. Oh my God, this is a perfect masterpiece of God. You are the one I'm looking for!"

Hanni looked at the twinkling stars in his eyes, put his hands around his chin and said, "oh my God, I didn't expect that Leona has hidden such a great treasure and she doesn't share it with us. That's too much!"

His cold eyes sent a chill down York's spine. Though York was a traditional Chinese, he had studied abroad before and had no discrimination.

But the most important premise was that this kind of thing could never happen to York. At that time, York even had an impulse to directly imprint the soles of his shoes on the man's face.

But having fought in business for a year, he had become much calmer. Before figuring out what had happened, he tried to suppress his anger.

However, the man in front of him didn't seem to notice York's anger. He was still immersed in his own world and couldn't hear enough comments from York. Now, he reached out his hand and started to draw on York in front of him.

"Well, it's just as I expected. This is exactly what I want!" Hanni could not stop talking. At the same time, York could not repress his anger any more. He hit hard on the face of Hanni.

"You asshole, don't touch me with your dirty hand. Get out of here!" With his roar, the body of Hanni flew directly from the house to the courtyard.

"What?" Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The noise of fierce collision and things breaking came from the yard!

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