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   Chapter 162 Flee Away

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When Leona came to the gate of the Wei Group and was about to walk out, a man in black suit followed her behind.

He stood in front of Leona and asked, "Miss Ling, where are you going?"

With an unhappy look on her face, Leona said, "Do I need to report to you where I am going? Who are you? Why are you in my way? Get out of my way!" With these words, Leona was about to jump over him and walk out.

The man again stood in front of Leona and said, "sorry, Miss Ling, but this is Mr. Wei's order. You are not allowed to leave the company!"

Hearing that, Leona rolled her eyes and her heart sank. It seemed that Greg still didn't believe her.

Leona became more anxious as well. She had secretly sent a message to York in Greg's lounge room and asked York to wait for her in the mall near the Wei Group.

York had bought a ticket. He was waiting for her and they will go to the airport when they met. What should she do if she couldn't go out?

No way. She must leave here as soon as possible. She turned around and walked to Greg's meeting room.

The man in black suit saw that Leona walked to the direction of the meeting room in a huff, and immediately took out his mobile phone and called Wayne. "Hello, Miss Zhang, Miss Ling..."

Wayne took his phone and walked into the meeting room. He whispered something to Greg, who frowned and said, "you can have someone follow her."

"Yes, I'll arrange it right now!" Wayne then walked out of the meeting room and happened to meet with Leona. He walked up to her and said, "Miss Ling, Mr. Wei said that if you wanted to go out, let Runi drive you out. Mr. Wei is having a meeting now and you can't disturb him!"

Hearing that, Leona stopped and nodded, "how long will he stay for this meeting?"

"At least two hours!" Wayne replied with great respect.

Finally getting the answer she wanted, Leona turned around and went out. Two hours were enough. Leona turned around and met Runi, who was running towards her.

Leona gave a sweet smile at the corners of her mouth. She didn't mind Runi's following as long as he would like to. She then raised her head and walked ahead while saying, "Now I want to go shopping. If you want to follow me, just follow me!"

"Okay, please follow me, Miss Ling. There is a car Mr. Wei used for you to go out." said Runi. They got into the car and headed for the nearest shopping mall.

When York was dealing with some documents in the company, a short message was sent from his cellphone. He opened the message and found that it was from Leona. She asked him to send all the IDS to Imperial Light Mall at once.

York had been taking with him all the materials for Leona since the party, in case that Leona might need it in the next few days. Now, they had finally come into use.

Before long, they arrived at Imperial Light Mall. Leona walked straight to t

o buy herself some time as soon as possible.

Leona turned around to pick up the shopping bags on the ground and said, "How about you take these back to the car first? I'll wait for you here!"

Runi wasn't assured. But there were too many of goods. Therefore, he had no choice but to agree with her. He then said to Leona nervously, "Miss Ling, please don't walk around. I'll be right back!"

Hearing this, Leona showed a relieved smile and said, "You can go now. I will wait here for you."

Seeing that Runi had left in a hurry, Leona turned around in an instant and walked towards Leona. She took one of the bags that York had handed to her and said with gratitude on her face, "thank you, York. I really don't know what to do without you!"

York pulled her and walked to another entrance of the mall, "Why do you still thank me for this? Before I came here, I had asked my secretary to buy several air tickets just in case we could make it. It will take at least an hour to get to the airport from here. After we arrive there, there is a flight to Italy. We first take that flight and then transfer to England. I've arranged everything well there!"

He arranged everything well. Looking at his back, Leona's eyes were filled with tears.

She couldn't look for her mother now. As soon as Greg found out that she was missing, he would definitely go to her mother. She couldn't get her into trouble.

As a result, she could only turn to York for help. But as a matter of fact, Greg would definitely link this to York. Greg would not vent his anger on York again, would he?

But now, besides York, she really didn't know who else to turn to for help. He had helped her a lot, and she couldn't get him involved in again.

Hearing that, Leona broke away from York's grip and said, "Thank you for helping me, York. Now I have to leave. You'd better go back to the company as soon as possible!"

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