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   Chapter 161 Go To The Company With Him

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Donna didn't expect her son to agree with the idea. She looked at Samuel anxiously and said, "Samuel, you..."

Samuel smiled and said, "Mom, don't worry. I'm a grown-up now. It's time for me to go out and take some fresh air. What's more, I don't like being given things. Only by relying on my own strength can I have what I want!

Looking at Samuel full of appreciation, Boris turned to say to Donna. "Don't worry, Donna. Everything will be fine abroad. Nobody dares to bully my son in my company. And you can rest assured with Theon. After all, he has helped me raise my son for so many years, I naturally will not treat him unfairly. I've sent someone to take care of your hospitalization expenses. I'll cover all your living expenses. There will be no difference from before. Don't worry!"

Hearing this, although Donna felt like being fooled, she didn't dare to say anything more.

Donna and Samuel stayed in Boris's villa until very late at night. On the way, Donna couldn't help but ask Boris confusedly why he had promised Boris to go to America. He should let Boris help him with Zachary.

"Mom, trust me. I will take Zachary back one day. But it's not the time yet. I want not only Zachary, but also Qirui. Boris owes us too much. Let's pay him back with all his wealth!"

With knitted brows, Donna asked, "What are you going to do?" She had been living a family life of taking care of her husband and children since she married Theon, so she had no idea of this kind of business competition at all.

Samuel patted his mother's hand and said, "Mom, don't worry. I know what to do. You just need to take good care of dad. I hope that Dad will not know about it!"

On the way back to the villa, Leona could feel that Greg was in a better mood. But she was in a better mood.

She could get out of here at any time, for the visa and passport had been applied for, but she just wanted to leave, and perhaps she could never see Greg again, a feeling of unwillingness suddenly rose in Leona's heart.

Although Greg had hurt her many times, she still had feelings for him. After all, Greg was the first and the only man in her heart.

Leona suddenly put her hand on that steering wheel and gently looked at Greg. He had a chiseled face with thin lips which always revealed his resolute and decisive.

What would their baby look like? She really hoped that this child would have a face like Greg's, but she didn't want her baby to act like this. She could feel that this man had a lot of secrets in his heart, and that kind of life was really hard.

Life is only several decades. Isn't it good to live a happy life? As long as their children grew up carefree and lived a happy life, they didn't need too much wealth.

Greg felt that Leona was staring at him, so he turne

room in a flash.

Looking at the empty tea room in a blink of an eye, a disdainful smile appeared on Leona's face, and she then walked towards Mr. Wei's office.

At noon, Leona and Greg were sitting in the dining room. Greg looked at her happy face and had doubts in his mind.

Wayne had told him that now all the people in the company were gossiping about Leona's identity. Some said that she was very wicked, and some said that she was a mistress. In short, there were all kinds of nasty things about her.

He supposed that Leona would be very upset. But it didn't seem that she was affected by his words at all.

As Greg was cutting the steak on her plate, he said slowly, "How do you feel on the first day?"

With a sweet smile on her face, Leona replied, "I'm fine. It's better than staying at home and being bored."

"Did you hear anything?" Greg put a piece of steak into his mouth and probed.

Hearing that, Leona shrugged her shoulders and said in an indifferent tone, "I can live my own life happily. Why should I care about what others think? I don't live for them!"

Hearing that, Greg was relieved and said with appreciation, "Good. This is what my woman should look like. I'm going to have a meeting this afternoon and it will take a long time. If you're tired, you can go to my office and have a rest!"

Leona nodded cleverly and said, "Don't worry. I will take care of myself!"

Leona was sitting alone in a lounge room in the office. Greg was having a meeting now. It was exactly the time for her to leave.

Leona pushed open the door stealthily, looked around, but didn't see anyone. She quickly left this place, and took the exclusive elevator to the first floor of the company, heading straight to the door.

She could not help feeling happy thinking that she would leave that devil and start a new life from now on.

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