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   Chapter 158 York's Engagement

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York hoped that the engagement party would be as simple as possible, and only their parents could be present.

As long as this thing was not spread, Leona would not know.

Sitting behind the luxurious desk, Greg got an invitation from his secretary, on which he was invited to the engagement party of the Zhao and Shen Families.

Wayne said, "Mr. Wei, are you going this time? Do you need a female companion?"

A sly smile curled up Greg's lips. He looked into the distance through the invitation and said, "Of course I'll go with someone. You don't have to arrange anyone. I'll bring Leona with me, as long as you prepare the dress for her."

He couldn't wait to see that, when Leona saw York's engagement party.

On the afternoon of the next day, Lina came up to Leona. When she woke Leona up, Lina said, "Miss Ling, Mr. Wei sent his secretary to pick you up. He asked you to attend a dinner party with him!"

Leona was so sleepy. These days, she had enough food and felt much better. She said with a deep nasal voice: "What party? I don't want to go. I want to sleep!" Then she lay down on the bed again.

Lina pulled her up and said, "Mrs. Ling, you'd better stand up right now, or Mr. Wei will be angry again when he comes back."

But at this moment, Leona finally realized that she should have gone to the party as soon as possible, because she knew well about that Greg's temper.

When she got up and was about to clean up, a group of people came in. Leona was taking a shower in the bathroom. Hearing the noise outside, she quickly poked her head out.

When Leona saw a large group of people standing there, she asked vigilantly, "who are you? Why are you in my room?"

Lina hurried to explain, "Miss Ling, these are the styling designers employed by Mr. Wei. He specially told them to dress you up before going out!"

But Leona sighed as she had no right to refuse as it was from Greg.

So she went back to the bathroom and then two women were holding all kinds of body lotions and essential oil to massage her.

"Your hair is a little dry. You need to prepare nutritious food and curls for your baby. It will be more elegant when you roll it up!"

"Massage the skin with essential oil"

"The skin's okay. Just apply the moisturizer!"

Like a puppet doll, Leona was obedient to them, which made her sleepy gradually. For a few times when she was wearing makeup, she directly fell asleep.

More than three hours later, the eyes of these people were full of satisfaction. They gave a low cut evening dress to Leona, and pulled up her hair tousledly, leaving a few strands on her temples.

"Perfect, what a masterpiece! Do you like it?" A designer pulled Rachel to the floor mirror. Leona looked at her reflection in it and marveled at the designer's ingenuity.

It was just that a woman

seen before. Her beauty was the unearthly beauty, as if she did not belong to the human world, but a fairy coming here from another world.

The two people in the grandstand were both stunned. York looked at Leona with surprise and anxiety. And at the same time, he unconsciously left Joyce, his eyes full of anxiety.

He didn't expect that this scene would be seen by Leona. He had sworn to promise Leona that he would marry her in his lifetime, but this situation made him unable to explain clearly.

At the same time, Joyce also saw that it was Leona. She felt a pain in her heart when she saw that York moved away from her and that York really cared about Leona.

Although Leona had been with Greg, York didn't forget her. As for the appearance, figure, education background and family background, how should she be beaten by Leona?

Girls like her had countless pursuers. Honestly speaking, there were some men who were better than York. But she fell into him and never got out.

But Leona, she did nothing but clutched York's heart tightly. Why did she deserve it?

Holding on to Greg's arm, Leona walked into the party room. She seldom attended such upper class parties, which made her feel uncomfortable.

She had to be extra careful not to sprain her ankle as she was wearing a 3-inch high heels. Moreover, the people around her made her extremely nervous, so she tightly leaned against Greg. However, the scene in front of others seemed very intimate.

This scene really hurt York's heart. He couldn't bear to see Leona standing beside another man and watching her snuggling up to him. The pain was just like a knife stabbing into his heart.

In the face of this situation, York could do nothing. His hands on both sides of his body clenched into fists. In his eyes to Leona, there were heartache, regret, unwillingness and all kinds of complicated emotions.

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