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   Chapter 153 I will Accept Everything About Her

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When Bess saw Daniel, SHE gave him an envelope and said, "Here is the thing. Leona said that after you complete the task, you should give it to me and I will give it to her later!"

After taking the envelope and putting it away, York said, "Aunt, with all due respect, Did Leona get into any trouble? Could you please tell me? I'm really worried about her!"

Looking into York's sincere eyes, Bess was somewhat indecisive. She really wanted to tell him about Leona's current difficulties.

Ever since she was with Boris, she focused all her attention on him. Hence, she had few bosom friends to talk with over the years.

Originally, she thought it would be enough to have Boris in her life. However, they divorced again. She really wanted to talk about the unhappiness in her heart with somebody.

She could also feel that York liked Leona. But Bess worried that he wouldn't help her once she told him the truth, as Leona was pregnant with Greg's child.

"Emm" Bess hesitated.

York could tell that Bess must know what had happened, or she would not be so hesitant, which made him more anxious.

York knew that if he wanted to know the information about Leona, he had to persuade Bess. He also knew that Bess had her own worries, so he should try his best to let her lay down her guard.

"Aunt, to be honest, we were a couple in college. At that time, I had a fight with my family for rose. I was willing to give up the right of inheritance to be with Leona. At that time, we were deeply in love with each other. If we had come out of our house, my father would have brought me back with his men when we had already bought the air ticket and was about to leave here!"

Hearing his words, Bess listened to him quietly. She knew that Leona had a boyfriend when they were in college. Bess went to the university to look for Leona, and other classmates had said that. She did not expect that this boy was the one.

She knew that York came from a rich family, otherwise his family would not oppose him to be together with Leona. But she did not expect that this child would give up his right of inheritance for Leona, which really moved her.

Especially when she knew that Leona had been depressed for a long time because of that thing, it turned out that he had been taken back by his father.

"At that time, all I knew was that we were in love with each other. But I had to admit that I was not mature enough. That was why I had to be led by my family. But aunt, please trust me. Now I have enough ability to protect Leona. As long as she is willing to, no matter what happens to her, I will love her and take care of her for a lifetime!"

After all, Bess was a woman in her fifties. She could tell whether the young man was lying to her or not.

onna, can you come to my house now?"

Since Jasmine was rescued by Samuel the other day, she had been living in his small apartment. After the incident that she was nearly thrown into the sea, she was as frightened as a bird who was frightened to death and dared not go out easily.

After the purchase of Zachary, Samuel was not in the mood to stay here anymore. He wanted to go abroad to look for a new job. When he came back successfully one day, he would fight for it with Greg again.

They had agreed on leaving the country as soon as possible, but his mother, Donna, told him to stay a few days later. She didn't even tell him the reason why she asked for, so Samuel had to stay here temporarily.

When Donna arrived at Boris's villa, Boris had already asked his men to prepare a sumptuous feast specially for welcoming her.

Boris had intended to book a table at the hotel and thank Donna for raising his son.

He invited her to the villa because it's not convenient to talk with her outside. When he saw Donna walk in, he stood up immediately and greeted, "Donna, have a seat. It's been a long time since we last met. Let's catch up!"

From the expression on Boris's face, Donna could tell that he must have got the test result, otherwise he would be so indifferent to her.

Then, Donna sat on the chair arranged by Boris for her and said, "The paternity test result has come out, right? I believe that you already know that I didn't lie to you. Are you willing to help me? Or are you willing to help your son?"

"It's easy to talk about this. Sit down and we'll talk about it."

During the dinner, Boris helped Donna pick up food attentively and poured a glass of wine for her. Then he said, "Of course I will take care of my son, but are you sure that he can accept his biological father. It is me instead of Theon?"

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