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   Chapter 151 Pregnancy Test Stick

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After a while, Leona leaned weakly against the toilet seat and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was as pale as a ghost.

Greg's words last night appeared in her mind. Did she really have it again?

Leona put her hand on her flat belly. She was also in the same condition when she was pregnant before. However, half of her breasts had been cut off. The doctor said that she could probably not be pregnant for the rest of her life.

Leona was fidgety and she wasn't sure if she was pregnant. At the same time, she was afraid that it might be discovered by Greg.

If Greg had known it, he would have said last night that he would not let this child born. She had lost a child, so she didn't want to lose it again.

But she couldn't go out when she was at home. What should she do?

After careful consideration, Leona thought that maybe her mother was the only one that could help her. Except her, no one else could come in.

Leona took out her cell phone and dialed Bess's number. As soon as the line was connected, the phone was answered. Bess said in a gentle and soft voice, "Leona, you are really calling me. I am not dreaming. I thought the day would never come!"

Bess's voice sounded a little choked. It was the first time that Leona called her, so she was certainly very excited.

Leona hesitated, "can... Can I ask you for a favor?" Up to now, she still felt a little unaccustomed to the title of mother, so she could only call the woman "you".

When Bess heard that her daughter needed her help, she immediately nodded and promised, "Of course, if there's anything, you can tell me. As long as it's possible for me to help you!"

Leona picked up her phone and went outside the bedroom. After she made sure that there was no one else in the room, she went back to the bedroom and said carefully, "Can I invite you to come here? I want to see you!"

Bess never thought that her daughter would think of her, so she quickly promised, "Of course no problem, I'll go to your house now!"

Leona said in a hurry, "Wait a minute, I Can you bring me a pregnancy test stick? I, I might be able to use it!"

Bess was enlightened at once and promised happily, "Okay, wait for me. I'll be there soon!"

After ending the call, Leona finally felt relieved. Fortunately, she still had her mother; otherwise, she really didn't know who to ask for help now.

Boris sat in the villa, holding in his hand a report that he had just taken back from the hospital. It clearly stated that the chromosomes of his and Samuel's were more than 99%, which confirmed that they were father and son.

Boris's hands couldn't help trembling. In the past three days, he was more nervous than anyone else. He was afraid that the results would not be like what he had imagined.

All sorts of feelings welled up in his heart. As for why h

her best to control her anger and said in a soft tone as hard as she could, "Sorry, I was too anxious just now. I miss my mom. I called her and asked her to come here. Can you let her in?"

Having lived with her for more than two years, Lola knew well that Greg was a guy who would yield to persuasion but not to coercion.

As long as she didn't cross his bottom line, under normal circumstances, as long as she acted so coquettishly to beg him, he would agree to her request.

As expected, when Greg heard Leona's plea, his voice softened. After a while, he said, "Okay, but she can't live here. She must leave before I go back!"

"No problem. I will let her go before you come back!" She gave her phone to the doorman and said, "Open the door. Miss Wei has agreed to let her in."

Bess was following behind Leona. There were more than ten people's eyes sweeping over her carefully from the gate to the villa, as if she was carrying a forbidden drug.

Bess was more worried about her daughter's situation. Since she divorced with Boris, she suddenly realized that she was no longer as greedy as before.

In her eyes, nothing was more important than freedom and respect. Now if she could choose one between luxury and freedom and respect, she would choose the latter without hesitation. That was what human beings deserved.

Unlike the cat and dog in the master's house, they didn't have any freedom or dignity. They only waited for their masters to come back every day, wagging their tails.

Bess followed Leona until she arrived at the mansion, which was decorated as luxurious as an Imperial Palace but not warm enough. When Bess was about to say something.

"Leona, you..." Suddenly, Leona winked at her and said, "I am so boring staying here alone every day. I just want you to come and chat with me!" Then she pulled Bess to the main bedroom on the second floor quickly.

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