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   Chapter 150 She Is Pregnant Again

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Sean had wanted to borrow money from Arthur, but he asked for two million dollars. Even if Arthur was willing to borrow money, he didn't have such money.

Just then, Wayne of the Wei group came to HIM. Wei International Trade Company said they were willing to give him three million dollars, not only to pay his son's huge medical fee, but also to let him and his family live in the United States.

At that time, Sean was forced to accept his request, but now facing York, he really felt he could not face York!

Sean seemed to be preparing for what to say next after he finished a glass of wine. And York didn't urge it.

After a long while, Sean finally made up his mind. He took out an envelope, pushed it in front of York, raised his head and said, "York, this is my letter of resignation. I Our family has decided to emigrate!"

For a moment, Sean almost blurted out the truth under the sincere looking of York.

But the words were on the tip of his tongue and swallowed in. Since things had already been done, it was useless to explain too much now.

He had been working very hard all his life. Now that he was old and did such a thing against his conscience, he felt bad too. Resignation was the best way.

However, York didn't receive his letter. Instead, he said, "Uncle Zhang, I want to know the truth. I know you must have your own difficulties. You and my father have worked hard for so many years. I don't believe that you still have feelings for Zhao Group. Now that such a big trouble has happened to the Zhao Family, it's more inappropriate for you to leave at this time. We should help to go through this crisis together!"

As soon as Sean took out his resignation letter, York had already guessed that this matter had something to do with him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have resigned.

But it didn't matter now. What mattered was to make Sean tell the truth to the public and prove the reputation of the Zhao Group. Only in this way could York try his best to restore its reputation.

Sean shook his head and said, "I'm old now. Please tell my boss that I'm sorry for him. I can't work for him anymore!" Before Sean could say anything else, he stood up and rushed out.

"Uncle Zhang!" No matter how loud York shouted, Sean didn't turn back. Sean didn't dare to look at York, afraid that he couldn't stand his opponent's plea and would come forward to clarify the matter in front of the media.

If he did that, his family would be done. It didn't matter that he was old. But his son was still young. And he was just nobody and couldn't fight against the international group like the Wei Group.

York knew that he couldn't count on Sean, so he sat alone in the bar drinking alone and sent a message to Leona, "No matter what, I will always love you!"

Sitting in the villa restlessly, Leona fixed her eye

As she made her way to the bed and laid down, she heard the cold voice from beside, "Don't you think you should explain something to me?"

Leona glanced at him. Although she didn't want to talk to him, she knew if she didn't talk to him, this pig might do something more.

Then she glanced at him and said, "There is nothing to explain. I probably have eaten something wrong today. My stomach is not good in the first place, and I used to have a stomachache!"

What Leona said was true. When she was at school, she had to take part-time jobs at the same time. Her eating was irregular, and there was a slight stomach ulcer.

She had been worried about York so much that she had forgotten to have dinner. That was why she looked like this.

Greg still looked at her with suspicion, and after a while, he said coldly, "You'd better not be pregnant again. Women like you are not qualified to have my child!"

In a bad mood because of York, and because of what he had done, Leona felt quite fainted. And now, upon hearing that cold and ruthless words, Leona couldn't help but feel angry as well.

She turned her back to Greg and said sourly, "Do you really think I can get pregnant now? And you can rest assured that I don't want to have your child!"

"That's the best!" Greg looked at her slender back and lied down on the other side of the bed. Both of them didn't talk that night.

On the next day, Greg got up early and went to the company, but Leona didn't get up until ten o'clock. Lina brought breakfast to her bedroom.

Leona was eager to eat more. But when she saw the fried hairpin and sweet and Sour Spare Ribs in her plate, she felt her stomach stir up again.

"My God!" Leona quickly rushed to the bathroom, but since last night, she had nothing to eat, and after vomiting last night, she had nothing in her stomach. At this time, she only vomited some acid water

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