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   Chapter 148 the Crisis of Zhao Group

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Seeing the shocked and doubtful expression on Boris's face, Donna knew for years that he didn't believe her words completely. So she nodded her head and said, "I know you don't believe me. You can do the paternity test, and then you will know whether I lied to you or not."

Seeing Donna take the initiative to do a paternity test, Boris felt a little embarrassed. After all, they had been in a close relationship before. Now he was suspecting Donna, and at the same time doubting their love.

However, the paternity test required him to do so. Once the result showed that Samuel was indeed his son, then he could give the whole Qirui Group to him.

If it wasn't the case, he was disillusioned. "Thank you for your understanding, Donna." Boris said apologetically to Donna, "although I believe in you from the bottom of my heart that you will never lie to me about this, I still need evidence. We should also prove to Samuel that I am his real father!"

Donna smiled. Of course she knew that Boris was just using Samuel as an excuse. He was actually going to have a paternity test.

They had lived together for a period of time, and she knew more about Boris's doubts. Although Donna was still a little sad because of his distrust, it was nothing for the sake of her husband and son.

Then the two of them made an appointment on the time and place. When Donna went back, she started to prepare.

For the next few days, Leona didn't tell the fact that York came to her to Greg. Greg knew clearly that she must have an unforgettable memory with York, which irritated him a lot.

At this moment, Greg was sitting behind the luxurious desk made of mahogany, holding a golden pen in his hand, and squinting at the hustle and bustle on the street. 'Leona, you ungrateful woman. I must teach you a lesson this time, ' he thought.

You are still thinking about York, that boy, so I have taken over the Zhao Group of his family. This is the punishment for betraying me.

Then he turned around quickly and called Wade, "Wayne, come in here."

As soon as Wayne appeared on the desk. "Mr. Wei, what can I do for you?" He asked in a very deferential voice.

With his deep eyes looking out of the window, Greg said, "From today on, we'll try to write down the stock of the Zhao Group and buy in a large amount of it. Remember, it must be more than 50 percent!"

Wayne did have some doubts in his mind. After all, the Zhao Company of the Zhao Family did not deserve their attention. Moreover, the Mu Group and Zachary boss once tried to deal with was out of some reason. There was no doubt that the Zhao family had offended the boss.

Although Wayne was very curious about it, he didn't ask the reason. As a secretary, he just needed to do what his boss told him to do. Otherwise, curiosity would kill a cat, and then

moves of his own. He dodged the other's fist immediately.

"Don't be so emotional. Let's talk about it and we will find a solution!"

However, the guy didn't listen to York's explanation at all. He rushed to York again while cursing, "I am not excited. If your wife is in hospital unconscious, how can you not be excited? If my wife and son can't live, I won't live, either. I'll die with you!"

He constantly swung his fists at York, and York instinctively grabbed his fists. Then York gave him a suplex and threw him on the ground.

His action made the other families of the other patients angry. It was obvious that Zhao Family had used the ditch oil, regardless of their conscience. Now someone came to look for him, and he dared to hurt people.

In a flash, five or six strong men and six or seven women, old and young, all dashed to York. The scene became more chaotic.

A reporter beside them immediately raised a camera to capture all the scenes, and at the same time, a reporter began to quickly report, "Audience, now we're in the office of the vice president of the Zhao Company, together with several families who have eaten food poisoning caused by the ditch oil that their company provided. The young man is the only child of the CEO of Zhao Group, York Zhao. It is said that he has just returned from Britain after studying. York knocked down someone. He is bleeding and seems to be seriously injured... "

York had never encountered such a chaotic scene, so he was at a loss for what to do. If he continued to make a scene like this, even the matter of oil leakage had nothing to do with the company, he would also have a negative impact on the company because he hit someone by mistake.

Fortunately, a group of security guards rushed in and controlled the family members of the patients. At this moment, York's suit was folds and trouser in the mess.

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