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   Chapter 144 Let Bygones Be Bygones

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"Leona, I finally see you!" As soon as Leona came out of the villa, she saw a pair of arms that directly hugged her.

This chest was so familiar to her. Listening to that strong and steady heart beat, Leona felt a sense of safety that she had longed for for a long time at this moment.

She knew it was only him that could give her such a sense of security, although Greg's chest was the same size. Leona had no other choice but to feel heartbroken and worried.

York's chest was warm and he could make her feel at ease in his arms. She didn't want to think about anything at this moment. She just wanted to feel the peace, even if it was a short time.

"Leona, I missed you so much. During the two years in Britain, I had been thinking about you all the time. My heart hurts. Do you feel that?" His voice was from the beginning, which shocked Leona.

Seeing how deep his love was, Leona was moved, but at the same time, she felt a little guilty.

Leona had to admit that she did miss him very much during his leaving, which made her feel empty in her heart.

But after that, due to heavy work and study every day, and Greg took part in the party, she rarely thought of York, and to some extent, she even didn't remember him at all.

If not for the arrival of York, she might have forgotten him.

But no matter what, she still had feelings for him. After all, he was her first love and the first man to walk into her heart.

Now seeing him again, all the good memories of the past flooded into her mind. Listening to his steady and strong heartbeat, Leona wanted to imprint her feelings at this moment.

York felt so satisfied to have her in his arms. As long as she was with him, he didn't care about anything.

He whispered affectionately over her head, "Leona, do you know? In the past two years, I have never changed my phone number. I am just afraid that you can't find me when you want to call me!"

Hearing that, Leona raised her head from his arms and said, "But when you just left, I had been calling you, but you never answered!"

York sighed and said, "At that time, my phone was saved away by my family. Later, I asked Samuel to help me make up a new card. But that was a month later and I haven't changed it since then!

She could get in touch with him a little later. But Leona knows that she was already taken by Greg at that time.

Even if she knew his phone number, she would never contact York. Their lives were bound to be two horizontal lines, which would cross because of a certain deviation from time to time. However, they would always return to the beginning point.

She gently escaped from his arms. She ha

e through the thick sack stabbed into her arm.

Who the hell are they? What would he do to her? She was scared but had no way to struggle. She could only try her best to wiggle and make whining sounds.

Soon she felt that some cold liquid was flowing into her body. She was very scared. Did these people inject her with drugs?

The moment the needle tubing was pulled out, Jasmine felt dizzy and gradually lost her consciousness.

Two men in black suits and sunglasses carried a large sack to a big rock on the beach. It was very far away from the beach. Few people would come here at ordinary times.

At the moment, it was dark in the sky. Standing on the rocks, they watched the turbulent waves beating against the reef.

The ferocious waves were like beasts. The darkness in the distance seemed to devour people.

They exchanged a glance with each other before throwing the sack into the sea.

With a loud splash, the sack was thrown on the sea. All of a sudden, a large wave lashed out, then quickly retreated, and dashed the sack with Jasmine into the depths of the sea.

They knew they had successfully finished their mission. They had injected an aesthetic into Jasmine before, and even if there was no anesthetic, her mouth, hands and feet were tied up.

It was late at night. No one could survive this kind of situation. They looked at each other again and then walked towards the car on the bank.

They didn't notice that there was a reef dented under the ground where they stood just now, and there was a person sitting on it.

The man, however, didn't mind when he heard a car screech to a halt in the distance. He just kept his eyes on the sea.

However, when they threw the sack into the sea, it immediately drew the man's attention

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