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   Chapter 141 You Have To Marry Me

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Hearing that, Boris was shocked. Of course he knew what Greg meant. He had definitely regretted about that tragedy.

His wife had promised to take his son back to her mother's house for a couple of days, but Boris was busy with his career at that time. He was so depressed that he only wanted to relax himself so he brought Bess home.

But he didn't expect that his wife would suddenly come back and bumped into that embarrassing scene. He had a deep feeling for Greg's mother.

In order to pursue his career back then, she sold out the deliver villas of her family and lived in her rental house with him. He would never forget her love for the rest of his life.

There had been many women in Boris's life, but no matter how fickle he was, in his heart, there was always a woman who occupied the most important place.

And in his heart, Greg's mother was always like that, not only because she had done so much for him, but also because she was the woman he loved most in the world.

He just couldn't control himself sometimes. Though he loved Greg's mother very much, he still had a lot of women outside because of many business engagement and he liked excitement in his life.

Over the years, whenever he was alone and had nightmares, he always saw that Greg's mother was beside him, looking at him with her tender eyes.

It was so obvious that it tortured him all these years because of Greg's mother's death. Hearing that, Boris's body shook and his voice grew older in an instant.

As if he was about to burst into tears, he couldn't help but burst into tears. Standing with his back to Greg, he raised his head and tried to wipe the tears from his eyes. After a while, he said, "I'm sorry for your mother's death. If I wasn't stupid, she wouldn't have..."

Greg kept silent and waited for what Boris would say next.

A moment later, Boris spoke again, "I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I just want to tell you that no one can replace my love for your mother. Otherwise, I won't bid for the land at that time. If you don't sell it, I will also buy it. This is my promise to your mother years ago!"

Although Greg didn't see the expression on Boris's face, he could tell from his slightly shaking shoulder and choking voice that he still had feelings for his mother.

It relieved Greg a lot for his mother, but he couldn't help but oppose the marriage between him and Jasmine. The feud between him and Boris was between his father and his son. He didn't want to see Jasmine trick on Boris. That was intolerable to him.

"Why Jasmine? You are rich and you can have any kind of woman as you like. That woman is not suitable for you!" Greg continued to persuade Boris.

Without turning his head around, Boris waved his hand and said, "It's

e had already been tired of this kind of women with heavy make-up.

At this moment, Greg said coldly, "I want you to leave Boris and say whatever you want!"

Although Jasmine knew in her heart that this was also what Greg wanted to talk to her, she did not expect him to be so direct that he was even reluctant to make a deal with it. So she said with a little anger, "Really? Why?" Jasmine asked while knowing the answer.

On the other hand, Greg frowned as he heard it from Jasmine's mouth. He didn't believe that Jasmine didn't know his relationship with Boris. More importantly, he didn't have time to talk to her on the phone.

"I don't care why. I just want you to leave him!" Greg didn't want to talk to her anymore and repeated his request.

Hearing that, Jasmine smiled slightly. That was exactly what she wanted. Taking a sip of lemonade gently, she said, "I heard that lemonade is good for women's skin. Have you found that recently my skin turned fairer?"

Hearing what she said, Greg's face became more sullen. She had the same father as Leona. Why the difference was so big?

One was pure and lovely, the other was full of scheme.

Jasmine also noticed that Greg was impatient. She smiled and said, "Fine, let's not talk about it. It's hard for me to leave Boris. I only have one condition, that is, you have to marry me. Otherwise I won't leave him!"

As soon as she finished her words, she was satisfied to see that Greg's face darkened. A satisfied smile appeared on her face.

She wanted to make Greg choose either to marry her or to be her son. This thought made her happy all of a sudden, and she'd like to see what choice it would be like.

On the other side, Greg sneered when he heard Jasmine's words. He thought Jasmine was greedy and she wouldn't get what she wanted. That's definitely not the case.

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