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   Chapter 138 The Shooting In The Church

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Greg kept on recalling the past when he fell in love with Rona. Back then, he was just a part-time worker in America and hadn't created his own company.

When he was twelve years old, he ran out of his house secretly and called his grandma who was in the United States. His grandma took him to America and from then on he lived there.

As his grandma was old and her family was not well, Greg had to work half a year from an early age, which meant that he met his first girlfriend, Rona.

At the beginning, he didn't know the real identity of Linda, but just felt that she was beautiful, full of youth and vitality, and she treated him well.

They fell in love with each other very soon, and at that time he even forgot his hatred. He just wanted to be with Rona for the rest of his life.

At that time, Greg had done a lot of crazy things for Rona. In order to please her, he put a circle of heart-shaped candles under her rent apartment and emphasized 'Rona, I love you' in the middle.

Rona was so touched that she ran downstairs. It was his happiest time to be with Rona until now. It was still vivid in his mind.

Then he found out that Rona had been wearing luxury goods, and even her handbag was more than the living expenses of him and grandma for a year.

However, in order to make him happy, Rona had put away all the luxury goods she had bought. She bought cheap knockoffs just like what Greg did.

Although it was a careless Greg at that time, he still found something wrong. At last, Rona told Greg that she had a rich family.

Greg had felt inferior at the very beginning. He couldn't believe that a poor boy like him would have her parents' permission to marry their daughter to him.

Rona had told him millions of times that she only loved him and she would like to be with him whether he was rich or not.

But on the other hand, Greg thought that a man shouldn't have spent women's money. He couldn't even afford to support his wife, so he didn't deserve to marry her.

So Greg created his own company, which was just a small company at the very beginning. He used his own expertise to create an Internet company.

If he couldn't hire an employee, he would turn to his classmates for help. More importantly, he would do it himself, which would save him a lot of trouble.

His hard work made the company's business prosper, and later Greg hired several employees to work with him.

Although he was as tired as a dog at that time, he still needed to go back to have dinner made by Rona on time no matter how busy and important the work was.

Although he was tired, he lived a full life. Rona was afraid that he would be tired, so she prepared delicious food every day.

She was born in a rich family and was raised in the United States, so she didn't know how to cook.

or death?"

"I..." Suddenly, something happened even before Rona could speak out her mind.

"No way! She won't marry you because she is my woman!" At the entrance of the church, a tall foreign man walked over the red carpet, held Rona's hand and said with affection, without even looking at Greg, and then ran out with Rona.

"What the hell is going on? Who is this man?" The hall was in chaos, and all the guests invited began to talk about it.

"Stop!" Greg's roar didn't bring them to a halt. On hearing it, Zed finally came to his senses and ordered his men to stop them.

Greg walked quickly to them and took Rona's hand from the man, staring at him angrily. Greg said. "Who are you? Why are you ruining my wedding? If you don't make it clear, I will take you to court!"

That man showed no fear. Instead, he looked at Linda and said, "my name is John. I'm her husband. Of course, I won't let her marry you. I know that you can give her a life that she wants, but she loves me and I love her too. You can't give her that!"

"Bullshit! If we don't love each other, why would we get into the church? I don't care who you are. Now I warn you to get out of here as soon as possible, or you will never see tomorrow's sun!" Greg was so furious that he cursed. At the same time, he pulled out the gun from his father-in-law, Zed, and pressed the black muzzle against John's forehead.

Everyone was stunned by what they saw. The church was so quiet that no one could hear their hearts beating.

Crack, with the clear sound of bullet loading, everyone couldn't calm down, and no one dared to sit here in such a situation.

"Run! Someone is killing us!" Everyone rushed out like a swarm of bees. Even though Zed had brought many subordinates, they could not stop so many people.

A sound of gunshot rang out. Everyone stopped and looked at everything in horror

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