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   Chapter 136 A Slap On The Face

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Greg frowned when he saw it was a call from Boris. He just hated that old man. If it weren't for his fickleness, how could his mother die at such a young age? This was all his fault.

He wanted to hang up the phone directly, but on second thought, Greg decided to listen to him first. Maybe he had something important to tell him. Then Greg picked up the phone, "what's up?"

When Greg heard that, he frowned again and said, "You mean that Zachary needs one billion to give up the land?"

"Yes, I don't know why they know my final price. I call you just to ask if you want that land. If you don't want to sell it, I will buy it. After all, the land is a little far away from the city. Although the Wei Group has a strong force, it has just been established for several years. I... " Boris didn't want his son to spend so much money.

On a second thought, Greg replied, "How do they know your bottom line? They must have betrayed you. Be careful of that Jasmine. And you don't have to intervene in this matter, I will have a way to get the land!"

In fact, Greg didn't want to remind his father that he should be cautious of Jasmine, but in any case, it was his problem with his father. Moreover, deep down in his heart, he didn't want to see his father to be fooled by Jasmine.

"Annie? She can't betray me. Maybe you didn't know that I had already proposed to her. We are going to get married soon, and she has no reason to betray me. What good is it for her?" Boris directly denied this assumption.

Frightened by his words, Greg shouted, "What? You want to marry her? No way! I don't agree!"

Boris didn't expect that Greg would have such a reaction, and was a little annoyed. Although Greg was his son, Greg didn't have the right to decide who he wanted to be with.

"Why don't you agree? Although we are father and son, you have no right to interfere with my marriage!"

Anger provoked Greg as he shouted at the phone, "She used to be my fiancee, and now she's my woman's sister. If you marry her, it's a mess, isn't it?"

Though Boris didn't expect that things would go like this, he couldn't give up on Jasmine. For all these years, he had never felt love from a woman except for Greg's mother

He would never give up Jasmine. Why should he forsake his happiness for his son? And he heard that Greg never wanted to marry Jasmine.

Boris didn't look like a man in her fifties when he was with Jasmine. He was like a high spirited fighter fighting in the arena.

"In a word, I will marry her. Even if you don't agree, this fact can't be changed!"

Greg tried to keep her anger under control and said, "So you've made up your mind?"

At this time, Boris's tone also softened and said, "She hasn't agreed yet, but I believe that she will agree!"

Seeing that Greg was very unhappy after hanging up the phone, Leona asked with concern at once, "what ha

her former business partners, but they all refused him, because they said they were abroad or their companies had run out of money recently.

He called the bank and applied for the loan, but was rejected. A business partner of his told him that the person who dared to lend them the money was the enemy of the Wei Group.

Usually, Zachary was only related to the small and medium companies of the company. It was totally different with the big shots like the Wei Group. If the Wei Group was offended because of that, their companies would suffer losses.

Theon slumped into his chair, watching the hustle and bustle on the street outside the window. He knew the launch was over. 'I shouldn't have bought it at that time. But now it is held in my hand like a hedgehog, unable to put it down.

'this land was a big trouble for him.' suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind that maybe he could sell the land.

And it was impossible for him to sell it to others. Samuel said that Boris and Greg wanted the land.

'they don't come to me, but I can go to them. As long as I can get the three hundred million back, the company will be able to go on.' Theon thought to himself.

Up to now, he didn't expect them to offer one billion, as long as he could get the profit. Now that it was Greg who was playing tricks on him behind his back, he could sell the land to Boris.

His company couldn't compete with the Wei Group, but the Qirui Group had the strength to fight against it.

Theon immediately dialed the number and said, "Hello, Mr. Li? I'm Theon from Zachary's Group. I'm the manager who bought the land from the welfare house. I heard that you were interested in this land before. I want to... "

Five minutes later, Theon hung up the phone in frustration. He understood that Boris had told him clearly that he didn't want that piece of land anymore. It seemed that he had to turn to Greg for help!

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