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   Chapter 133 What A Good Opportunity

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After Greg went missing, Boris has been finding him. And Boris hasn't had a child with his own since he married Bess.

For this, Boris hadn't been happy for a long time. The two of them went to many hospitals, and the final result was that Boris couldn't have a baby, so he had to find his only son to inherit his large business.

It was not until three years ago that Boris finally found out where Greg was. But at that time, Greg had founded the Wei Group, and his hatred towards Boris and Bess had reached its peak.

Bess wiped her tears and said, "Leona, mom is an experienced woman. I know nothing about what happened between you and Greg. But I think it's mostly because of me that Greg intentionally treated you like that. He hates me for killing his mother and breaking up his family!"

But now Leona figured out all of it. She finally understood why Greg always looked at her in a strange way, which meant that he actually had the grudge on her instead of Bess.

Bess continued, "But I feel that he doesn't hate you as much as he seems. When I mentioned your name, the attachment in his eyes could not deceive people. So I think he has feelings for you, but the hatred for so many years has been deeply rooted in his heart. Perhaps he doesn't even know his own feelings!"

Leona was really confused at this moment, because what Bess had told her had overturned her cognition, and she didn't know how to face Greg.

Then Bess added, "I guess so, but no one knows what he is thinking about. I want to tell you that since we can't change our lives, we have to adapt to it. Now that you can't escape his side anyway, why don't you try to accept it? If even we don't treat ourselves well, who else will treat us well? Life is short. Happiness is the most important thing. You are still young. Don't always try to hide yourself from others at such a young age, "

After Bess left, Leona fell into deep thought. It turned out that Greg hated her because of that.

She shouldn't say that Greg should hate neither Boris nor Bess. After all, his mother died because of this. It was just that his behavior was too extreme.

A twelve year old boy ran away from home with hatred. It was obvious that he had suffered a lot to reach this point. Maybe she should be grateful that this evil man didn't become a street gangster.

During the past two years, Greg had been nice to her, except that he had been bad to her in the beginning.

Maybe she should really try to accept him as her mother said, so that they could live more comfortably.

But she still couldn't believe that Greg had feelings for her. Then, Greg saw Bess leave. He went back to the bedroom, turned on his notebook and started working.

Leona stared at his broad shoulders and had a sculptural face. But she felt that he was as cold as that of a star as he was.

It was hard to imagine a twelve-year-old

d so much attention to the villa. It turned out that the villa was the dowry of Greg's mother.

Later, the business of Boris failed. To help her husband regain his business, Greg's mother sold it. Boris had promised her that he would buy the villa back and build a new one for her.

Later, the man who bought this villa built it into a welfare house. Boris wrote down in his diary that he was willing to exchange another land for a living place here, and even was willing to pay money to build another welfare house for them.

He had been negotiating with the other party. It was not until recently that the other party finally gave in and said that they could consider it.

It also mentioned in the diary that Greg seemed to be very interested in this piece of land, too. According to the words stated by Boris, if this piece of land belonged to Greg, he would not fight against his son for it, because from his point of view, this piece of land didn't matter much as long as this piece of land belonged to Greg or him.

After Jasmine finished reading all of these, she suddenly came up with an idea. She needed a lot of money, and a lot of money was enough for her to spend her whole life. But she did not want to ruin her whole life's happiness by doing so.

Therefore, she had been hesitating whether to sign the agreement or not. Now this was a good opportunity. If everything went well, she could realize her dream and would not have to get involved with Boris.

Then Jasmine took out her phone and sent a message to Samuel. She asked him to meet her in a cafe, and then she left too.

Half an hour later, Jasmine showed up in a luxuriously decorated coffee shop. Not long after, Samuel arrived. Surprised, he asked, "How were you that day? I went out later, but you had already left!"

"Thank you for saving me that day. I have an important thing to discuss with you." Jasmine continued with a smile.

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