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   Chapter 132 Greg's Lot

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A big bunch of roses was removed, revealing the face of Boris. He said to Jasmine with a smile, "Hi, beautiful and charming Miss Annie, do I have the honor to invite you to dinner?"

Surprised and then a bit indifferent, Jasmine turned around and said, "Mr. Li, I've told you clearly, haven't I? You just ignore what I said before. I hope you can stop doing such a boring thing. Otherwise, I will feel sorry for Mrs. Li!"

A smile crept up his face. He turned sideways to walk in. Then, he put the roses on the table and said, "Annie, I have my freedom now. I signed the divorce agreement with Bess just now!"

"What? How... How could you No, you can't do that. In that case, I won't be the third person who destroyed other people's families? You'd better call Mrs. Li now and tell her that you are joking!" Although Jasmine was overjoyed in her heart, she still pretended to be unable to accept the fact.

Grabbing her shoulder, Boris said, "I told you Annie, in fact, I have long planned to divorce her. Even without you, we would not still be together. So you don't have to worry about that. I'm single now. Could you be my girlfriend?"

Boris was telling the truth. He had had this thought when he learned that Bess had been in touch with Jonson.

However, he didn't have a mistress whom he liked at that time, while Bess took good care of him, which was not what the servants could do, so he never asked for a divorce.

But now, with the appearance of Jasmine, her vigor and vitality made him young again. He wanted to pursue a younger and more beautiful girl.

"But I HMM!" Just when Jasmine was still hesitating, Boris's mouth suddenly came into her mouth. Although he was in his fifties, he was not inferior to the young man in both physical strength and temperament.

He was especially Greg's father. Most of Greg's wildness and indifference were inherited from him, and Boris looked very similar to Greg which was a replica of Boris at young.

At this moment, there was a feeling that Jasmine was held in the arms of Greg, and she was totally intoxicated with that feeling.

After a while, Boris looked at the woman who had been paralyzed in his arms, a complacent smile appearing on his face.

As a playboy, he knew that you can't be gentle to women. On the other hand, they would love him more like a bandit.

When Bess appeared outside Greg's villa again, this time she was in a totally different mood and now she looked very relaxed.

She was no longer wearing luxurious clothes as she used to be. Instead, she appeared here in sportswear without makeup, which made her look younger.

It was a coi

ved in Boris's villa. However, since she was not married, she didn't want to sleep with Boris in a room and slept alone in the guest room.

The more she acted like this, the more determined Boris was to get her. He finally decided to marry Jasmine one day.

Sitting in the luxurious villa, Boris said, "After such a long time being with each other, we now know more about each other. I think we can live together! But I think we need to do a property notarization before we get married. After all, you are nearly thirty years older than me, so in order to avoid some unpleasant things in the future, it's better to make things clear in advance!"

When Boris told Jasmine that he would marry her, Jasmine was thrilled. But after she heard what he was going to say, her heart sank. Jasmine remained silent, listening to what he was going to say.

"This is an agreement. You can have a look first. If you agree to it, I promise that I will prepare the most luxurious engagement ceremony and wedding ceremony for you."

After Bess left, Leona kept thinking about what Bess had said to her. It turned out that it was true.

This name was actually not his former name, and his family name was Li, named Enrique Li. He had a happy family before twelve.

On that day, Greg's father, Boris Li, was a playboy and had a crush on Bess. The two of them met secretly when Greg's mother took Greg back to her own home.

But as expected, Greg's mother and Greg came back ahead of time, which cornered them in the bedroom. On the contrary, Greg's mother rushed out of the house and was knocked down by a speeding car, which finally killed her.

At that time, Greg was twelve years old. After his mother's funeral, he ran away from home and never came back.

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