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   Chapter 131 Leave Him As Soon As Possible

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Seeing that Leona did not care about it at all, Bess got anxious and said, "How can it have nothing to do with you? You can't be together. Besides, he doesn't love you. He is just avenging on me. You can't be together anymore."

Hearing that, Leona sneered and said, "Are you afraid of shaking your position?" Leona hit the nail on the head.

In Leona's heart, she was already disappointed with this woman. Bess abandoned her for money, and now Bess asked her to leave Greg for the same reason.

Although Leona didn't want to have anything to do with this woman, it seemed to have another meaning from Bess's mouth. She scorned it. Was money really that important to her? Was money so important that Bess could give up everything, not even caring about family affection?

Hearing what her daughter said, Bess was stunned and embarrassed. Then she continued, "If you two really love each other, I am willing to help you get what you want. But this is not the case now. He is really avenging on me for taking away his mom's happiness. Besides, he just said to me that he was only playing with you. So, listen to me, leave him as soon as possible. Greg won't bring you happiness!

Seeing how resolute Bess was, Leona suddenly felt bored with her.

No matter it was Jonson or Bess, they would always put themselves in the first place in their hearts. They would only remember her when they needed her. Such parents were truly ridiculous.

The two of them would work hard to make money all their lives, but so what if it turned out to be? Hearing this, Leona felt extremely tired. Her so-called family was not as good as that of Samuel and York.

Then she looked at Bess with mockery and said, "Even if I agree to your request, do you think I can get out of this villa? I'm just a canary that Greg kept in this house, and I have no freedom. I can't leave even if I want, unless HE is willing to let me go. So you're asking the wrong person. I'm tired now. You can leave if you don't mind."

Bess didn't know how she got out of that VILLA. Her mind was in a mess. When she was about to drive, her phone suddenly rang.

Seeing it was Boris, she felt much better. She could not remember how long it was when he called her. Although they met every day, they seemed to be the most familiar strangers.

Bess took out his phone and answered, "Hello, Boris. What's up?"

"Well, I have something to tell you. Come back now. I'll wait for you at home." said Boris in his magnetic voice.

After hanging up the phone, Bess specially took out the makeup box in her bag, and refined her makeup. Then she drove towards her home. But what she didn't expect was that it was a divorce agreement waiting for her.

When Bess finally made it home, Boris had already been there waiting fo


After Bess took all her belongings and left Boris's villa, she didn't feel depressed at the gate, instead, she felt relieved.

Her marriage that she had been working hard for all these years was ruined, but she didn't have any regret. Although being with Boris could make her lead a luxurious and worry free life, she was not happy in her heart.

Boris looked elegant and graceful in appearance, but he was just pretending to be someone else. In fact, he was narrow-minded and extremely fickle, and treated her as a servant from the heart.

Now she had lost everything, but she felt she had got herself back. She just wanted to find a place where no one knew her and start a new life.

But before that, she had to tell Leona something she had never dared to tell her before, and after that, it would be the time for her to leave.

As soon as Jasmine hung up the phone from her mother, Cynthia, who complained on the phone why Jasmine didn't want to live with her so that they could take care of each other.

But Jasmine had her own thoughts. She knew her mother well. It was a critical time between her and Boris. She didn't want Boris to see his mother's expression that was eager to get money. If Boris saw it, it might do something harmful to her.

At this time, the doorbell rang. Jasmine wondered who would come to find her. When she opened the door, a large bouquet of roses had blocked it completely.

Now Boris was trying to pursue herself and no one knew she lived here except for him.

Although she had guessed who the man was, she was still surprised and happy. Although there were also men chasing after her before, she didn't pay any attention to them at all.

She loved Greg and kept chasing him, where Greg had never bought her any flowers.

The most important thing was that Boris could give her what she wanted

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