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   Chapter 126 The Truth Is Out

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Seeing Jasmine was dragged out of the room, Leona said to Greg urgently, "You can't do this to her. You know how much she loves you. You can't send her to that kind of place. Otherwise, her life will be over!"

Greg just glanced at her and said, "You'd better take care of yourself first! Don't you know that Jasmine sent people to hit you and make you have a miscarriage? This is your sister!"

But Leona didn't buy it at all. She already believed that it was Greg that did it. She heard that man on the phone before she fainted. 'Does he really think that he can just distort the truth?' Leona thought.

However, Leona had no time to care about those unhappy things. She must save Jasmine, otherwise Jasmine's life would be ruined.

Leona turned to Greg and said, "As long as you promise not to send my sister to that kind of place, I'll go back with you!"

But Leona forgot that Greg was a tough man, and he could only make a compromise when he was in a good mood. But now Leona asked in return under a lot of pressure, of course Greg wouldn't say agree.

Greg had a long face and said, "Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are to make a deal with me? Do you want to get on the car by yourself or should I call someone to help you?"

As Greg said that, five or six men in black suits and sunglasses came out, one standing next to Leona, and the other standing in front of Samuel directly. It seemed that they could teach him a lesson at any time.

But Leona knew that she had no other choice. If she went back and pleaded with Greg, maybe he could let Jasmine go.

And she didn't want to get Samuel involved in this. She said immediately, "I'll go with you. It has nothing to do with Samuel. I ask him for help. Please let him go!" As Leona said it, she turned around and walked to the limo.

Seeing that Leona was about to yield to Greg again, Samuel anxiously said, "Leona HMM! " Before he could finish his words, he was hit in the stomach and bent over.

Seeing this, Leona wanted to run to stop those people, but someone blocked her way all the way. It was impossible for her to get close to Samuel.

But Leona was so anxious that she had to turn to Greg and asked him to forgive her. "Greg, please forgive me. It really has nothing to do with Samuel, Just ask your men to stop. If you keep beating him, he's gonna die."

It was not until then that Greg shook his head slightly. Those guys fighting and kicking Samuel stopped. Sitting on the ground, Greg said to him, "You want to steal woman from me? Maybe in the next life!"

Looking at the car driving away with Leona in it, Samuel wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth and swore to himself that someday, he would pay you back with a price


'From now on, she wants to be herself again. Greg, do you think that's it? No way! I will make you regret for what you have done to me!

Full of hatred, jasmyn walked into the bar. It was afternoon now. There were not many people in the bar.

"I want a glass of Blood Mary!" Jasmine asked for one glass of wine and drank all of it. Then she drank the second and the third glass. After drinking a few glasses of wine, she was a little drunk.

Jasmine was one year older than Leona. Her figure and appearance were well preserved. Besides, she had received rigorous etiquette training since she was a child, so her temperament was different from those girls who went to bars.

Jasmine was so eye-catching that some people in the restaurant had already regarded her as their prey.

At this time, a man came to Jasmine and sat next to her. He put one arm on her shoulder and said with a casual look, "Hey, beauty, why are you here alone? Let's drink together, okay?"

Although Jasmine was a little drunk, she was not completely drunk. She still had a little clear mind, but her body did not listen to the command of her brain.

She tried to push him away by shaking her body. But her hands were too weak to push him away no matter how hard she tried.

Seeing that the man had got close to her face, Jasmine continued to push him and murmured, "You, go away. I don't want you to be with me. Stay away from me!"

"Don't be this, beauty. You will feel lonely if you drink alone. Have a good time!" The man wrapped his arm around Jasmine's shoulder and was about to take her out of the bar.

Although Jasmine tried her best to struggle, she couldn't break free. Just as they were at a stalemate, a voice suddenly came from above her head, "Let go of her. Don't you see that she doesn't want to go with you?"

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