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   Chapter 121 Waiting For me To Examine

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"How can you..." Leona didn't expect that Samuel would suddenly kiss her. She shook her head anxiously, but her strength was nothing in his eyes.

Samuel held her tightly and kept tasting the fragrance of her hair. He had wanted to do that, but hadn't found the right time. What had happened earlier led to this. Samuel had a crush on Leona, which blew over him after he heard a lot of sarcastic words from Greg.

"Ahahah Please don't! " Leona was shocked by Samuel's action. She could not figure out why things had gone on like this between them.

In a moment of desperation, Leona bit hard, instantly the taste of blood filled in her mouth. Samuel who was immersed in the pleasure of kissing Leona suddenly felt a pain on the tip of his tongue and loosened Leona instantly.

At the same time, when Samuel loosened his grip on Leona, Leona rushed out of the door and rushed into the elevator. She quickly pressed the down button to block out Samuel who chasing after.

Things were in a turmoil now. Leona knew what kind of person that Greg was. He had said he wanted to do something tonight, and he would definitely do it.

It took Samuel a lot of effort to gain a firm foothold in the company. Leona couldn't get Samuel involved again because of her.

Although Samuel did something bad to her, she believed it was just on impulse. He was under too much pressure from Greg, so he was like this.

When Leona returned to her small house in a distraught mood, she sat on the bed with her hands moving into her hair. It was a mess today, so she needed to sort out her thoughts.

In a black car downstairs, someone saw that Leona went back to her room. He immediately took out his mobile phone and quickly pressed several buttons, "Mr. Wei, Miss Ling has gone back to the rented house!"

After tossing and turning the whole night, Leona finally decided to go back to Greg's villa first. She had to make this decision that she must keep Greg away from Samuel, or she would be very uneasy.

The moment Leona stepped into the villa, she saw Jasmine coming downstairs. Both of them were stunned.

As soon as Leona stepped into the villa, she was stunned. She saw that Jasmine went down the stairs and Greg followed her.

They walked upstairs. A perfect match made in heaven. Leona suddenly felt that she was redundant. At least she should not be here at this time.

Leona awkwardly greeted, "Hello, Ashley, what... Why are you here?"

How dare she ask me why I am here? 'this is my fiancee's house. Isn't it wrong for me, the real fiancee, to be here?' It was Leona that came into the room and asked her first, which made Jasmine burst into anger.

But she didn't want to make a fool of herself, becau


But on the other hand, it was really hard for her to accept the fact that her fiance was with Leona, but she couldn't give up this chance that she had made great efforts to enter into that cottage.

This was the first time that Greg brought her here since she was engaged to him. It seemed that Leona had lived here for a long time. If she moved out now, it was definitely making room for them, she wouldn't do that.

Jasmine knew that even if Greg didn't care about the engagement, Leona cared about her always. As long as she stuck to her spot, Leona would definitely quit at last.

Maybe she could also play a crucial role. As long as she could finally become Mrs. Wei, it was not a big deal to be wronged now?

Thinking of this, Jasmine turned to Leona and said, "Leona, how about You may go upstairs first... " The words that came out of Jasmine's mouth in the end made her look like wanting to cry.

Seeing this, Leona felt as if a knife was piercing her heart. Leona hated Greg even more. If it weren't for him, they wouldn't have been in such a terrible situation.

"Lina, please clean the guest room next to the main bedroom for Jasmine!" As he said, Greg stood up and walked towards the gate.

"Leona.." Lina asked timidly. In fact, it was the first time that she had seen such a thing in her life and she was not sure about what to do.

"My room!" Greg said and then disappeared out of the door.

In the huge villa, there were only the two women, who felt extremely embarrassed. Finally, Leona spoke first, "sister, I'm sorry, i..."

Jasmine had already adjusted her emotion and smiled. She took Leona's hand and went upstairs. While walking, Jasmine said, "Leona, I know that you must have some difficulties. Why don't you tell me the difficulties, or maybe I can help you?"

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