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   Chapter 110 I Can Promise You Anything

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Before Leona could delete the message, her phone was snatched away by Greg. He shouted before she could react.

"Is this your so-called weather forecast? You are really good at making up lies. Do you think I am that easy to fool?" As Leona read the message, Greg noticed that there was something wrong with her.

This stupid woman not only called out York's name in her dream last night, but also flirted with Samuel. Greg had softened his heart and now his heart was stiff again.

"I..." Leona was so scared that she couldn't say anything. God knew why Samuel would send her messages at this time. But that didn't mean anything. She was just Samuel's superior subordinate. But would Greg believe that?

Greg was so furious that he threw Leona's phone aside and nearly threw it on Leona's head. Fury made him pacing back and forth.

Leona was too scared to say a word. She saw with her own eyes that Greg beat Samuel badly. If he did, according to her present physical condition, she would definitely be beaten to death.

After a long time, Greg finally calmed himself down. He sat on the chair and looked at Leona with a gloomy face, "It is not impossible for me to continue to pay the medical fees of Jonson, but I think there must be some agreement between us. If you violate the agreement, you will bear all the consequences!"

As Greg said this, he picked up a contract from the table, threw it in front of Leona, and said, "If you sign this contract, I will continue to pay the medical fees of Jonson!"

Leona took the contract and read through it. It was a simple contract, and she had to obey to Greg in the following three years. She had to obey his orders unconditionally. She would make a compensation of 100 million dollars to Greg if she broke the rules.

A wry smile appeared on Leona's face when she saw that. They really thought that she was a rich woman. The contract default fine that Samuel offered was fifty million, and this was even crueler. It was said that she needed to pay 100 million. She couldn't make that much to the next life.

"If you agree, then sign it. If you don't agree, then get out of here immediately. Don't ask me for help ever again. You only have three minutes to consider it. Now the time begins!" Greg said impatiently.

"I can promise you anything, but can I go back to work? Leona asked hesitantly. I really have difficulties... "

Hearing that Leona still had to go to work, Greg squinted dangerously and thought, 'Does she take my words as bullshit? Greg said with displeasure, "work? Do you want to see Samuel every day? Now you can get out!" Then Greg came over, grabbed Leona's arm and pushed her out.

Trying her best to bear the pain over her body, Leona dodged while saying anxiously, "No, it wasn't like that. I really have my own reasons. Could you please listen to

f Leona's, and besides, I don't hate her at all. Why should I hire someone to hit her?"

However, Jasmine seemed not to care about that at all and said, "When you were in college, Samuel dumped you because of Leona. Although Leona said she would not punish you, you still got a serious punishment because of that. So you have been holding a grudge against her and don't want her to give birth to that child. That's your motivation!"

Pointing at Jasmine, Julie didn't expect that she would make up such a lie. Julie said tremblingly, "You're talking nonsense. Even if you tell others, no one will believe you. Law is evidence! Even if Leona was knocked down, it doesn't mean anything that I went and returned!"

Jasmine giggled, "what if someone is trying to testify in court? At that time, no one will believe that you are really innocent. As long as he insists that you pay the money to hire him, you will have no way to clear yourself. You will only have to go to jail!"

"Why did you do that? I see. You hired someone to do all these, right? Now you even blame it on me. Miss Ling, I never did anything wrong to you. Why did you do this to me? " Said Julie desperately.

She was just an ordinary white-collar worker and had a good relationship with Jasmine before. She didn't understand why Jasmine treated her like that? Was she trying to find a scapegoat for herself?

Jasmine chuckled again and said, "Sit down. We can talk about it later. In fact, the matter is not as serious as you think. It doesn't matter who exactly did it. What matters is that I have a way to make it into what you have done, but only I know it, as long as I don't tell anyone, you will be fine!"

Julie sat down despondently. She knew that Jasmine must have something else to say, or else Jasmine would not do so. At present, she was like the meat on the chopping block, being slaughtered by others.

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