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   Chapter 109 I Don't Want To See You Again

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"What are you doing here? I don't need a security guard. Get your ass in! " Leona shivered as she heard that. She really couldn't believe that Greg noticed her even under such a situation?

She bit her lip hard. What else could she be afraid of since they were not even afraid of being watched.

Thinking of this, Leona strode in. Although her heart hurt, she still forced herself to open her eyes and look at them.

Her heart was bleeding, but there was no expression on her face.

Leona knew Greg did this on purpose, but she didn't want to please him.

It was also a good thing that she could see through this ugly man. She could be surer that she hated him.

Looking at Leona's expressionless face, Greg got angry again. The more she didn't care, the angrier he was.

Then he said to Leona, "It's boring. Who let you stand there and watch the play? Come over!"

Leona looked at him in disbelief. What was the pig talking about? Did he still want her to go there? If that was the case, she would not agree at all.

Leona didn't take any action. Greg's voice sounded again, "If you don't want to do that, then get out! But don't blame me that I didn't remind you. As long as you dare to step out of this door, this disk will be spread to every corner in the C City tomorrow, and then you will be famous!"

Leona bit her lip as she didn't expect that this shameless man was so shameless. She cursed, "How shameless you are!"

"I'm shameless? How lofty are you, Miss Ling? If you were pure and pure, how could you do such a thing? I'll give you the last chance. Otherwise, get out! " Leona heard a demon-like voice.

Tears were welling up in her big eyes. She really wanted to run out desperately, but she knew that she couldn't.

At this moment, Leona was so ashamed that she almost wanted to bury herself in the ground. Tears were constantly swirling in her eyes and would fall down in any minute.

Leona knew she had no choice as Greg had always kept his word and she couldn't


In the morning, Leona woke up in a dazzling sun and looked at the familiar ceiling. She was sleeping here?

The bruises all over her body showed that she wasn't dreaming last night. They hurt so much that she almost cried.

"Are you awake?" She heard Greg's voice. She didn't look well, but not as cold as she was yesterday.

Leona struggled to sit up. She did not forget why she came here yesterday. But as she moved, she felt a sharp pain again, and her face wrinkled in pain.

"I..." Before Leona could finish her sentence, her phone rang and interrupted her.

On hearing this, Greg's face grew gloomier. Who would send her a message at this late hour?

Leona continued to ask casually, "can you borrow some money from me?"

"Who sent you the message?" Greg ignored her and continued to ask about her message.

"It might be the weather forecast. I came here today for..." Leona wanted to say why she was here.

But Greg said impatiently, "look at your phone first!"

Looking at his insistent eyes, Leona picked up her phone and unlocked it, finding that it was from Samuel, saying: "Leona, are you are feeling better?" I want to buy you dinner if you have time!

It was from Samuel unexpectedly. Leona got panic immediately, "Don't worry about the weather forecast!" She was going to delete the message.

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