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   Chapter 107 Let's Wait For The Fish To Take The Bait

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Hearing the lawyer's words, Leona's face turned red with anger. How could he mess with the truth?

Then Leona turned to the policeman and said, "Sir, please trust me. What I said is true!"

The policeman shrugged and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Ling. But everyone is equal in front of the law, which is a place for evidence. As long as you can find strong evidence, we will do our best to investigate. Now what you need to do is to show evidence, or else we can't do anything about it!"

Hearing that, Leona's shoulders drooped. She didn't have any evidence at all as she had no evidence to prove that this was totally a mistake. She finally understood why Samuel didn't want her to do that. She was absolutely unable to fight against Greg.

When coming out of the police office, Leona saw that Greg was also walking out with the company of a lawyer. She was so angry that she gritted her teeth and wished she could have a bite on Greg.

Looking at her evil like smile, she walked a few steps to her and said in a condescending tone, "you dare to charge me, but I'm afraid your hope will be dashed. I'm very disappointed. Things are not over yet, and a good show is on the way. Just wait and see!" As he said, Greg turned around and hopped into his car.

Looking at his back, Leona did not understand what he meant by saying "a good play" before he left, but at this moment, she was too weak to think about it.

Turning her head, Leona looked at the badly injured Samuel and felt guilty. Had it not been for her, Samuel would not have ended up like this.

"I'm sorry!" Leona had no idea what to say except this sentence.

Samuel didn't care much about it. He just shook his head and said, "Nothing. A fight isn't a big deal for men. You'd better go back and have a good rest. I am waiting for you to go to work and help me!"

But Leona didn't return to the hospital after splitting with Samuel. She had finished the operation. She couldn't afford to stay in the hospital.

Leona touched her belly sadly. The baby had gone.

Her tears fell down. Baby, I'm sorry. Mommy didn't protect you well. Please don't hate Mommy!

Leona was too weak to live alone in this small room and there was even no one to take care of her. After a few days, Leona was thinner and her face was not in good condition.

One day, Leona got up from bed weakly. She wouldn't have gotten up if she hadn't been so hungry.

She barely cooked herself a bowl of noodles, thinking that tomorrow she would also go back to work.

Leona had no idea of what was going on these days. Her savings had almost run out. If she didn't go to work, she wouldn't have the money to eat. And she shouldn't be so irresponsible to Samuel.

At this moment, Leona's mo

n't answer her phone on purpose, so she had to sit down and wait.

Although it was summer now, the night was still cold and Leona was shivering.

Looking at the missed call on the phone, Greg smiled cruelly. She deserved it.

In the midst of the rumbling, the sound of thunder and lightning came from the outside. Leona was so scared that she huddled in the corner with her hands over her head. She had been afraid of thunder since childhood.

In a short while, Leona's clothes were wet from the heavy rain.

Leona had just given birth, but she became weaker after getting wet in the heavy rain. She held her shoulders tightly, her body trembling like a leaf in the autumn wind.

Lina looked at the heavy rain outside and said with pity, "Miss Ling is so pitiful. How could she bear such a heavy rain? Why hasn't Mr. Wei come back yet? "

At this moment, Greg was having dinner with a new model in a French restaurant. He was not interested in the beautiful young lady and the rich food in front of him at all.

With a roar, a thunder and lightning began outside. Not long after, the beautiful scenery was washed down, and the rain dripped on the window of the restaurant.

"Oh, it's thunder! I have been scared of thunder since I was a child!" The young model said, pretending to be scared.

Greg didn't hear it at all. His mind was all on that stupid woman.

Greg put down the knife and fork, wiped his mouth and replied, "Miss, I'm wondering if I have the honor to have a cup of coffee with you at my home."

Hearing that, the young model was overjoyed and said, "Of course, it's my honor to go!"

When Greg drove back to his villa, he saw a small figure squatting at the gate of the villa from a distance. The woman immediately ran towards the car in heavy rain as soon as the car was driven in.

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