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   Chapter 106 The Plaintiff Became The Defendant

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Greg was so angry that he gripped Leona's neck tightly. Her face turned from pale to pink, and then purple.

Struggling with her body, Leona tried to take away his hands which were gripping her neck, but it didn't seem to be work.

Samuel now was shocked. He got extremely furious when he saw how Greg was treating a woman who had just had a miscarriage.

"Let her go! If you keep doing this, you're going to kill her!" Samuel shouted as he pounced on Greg. He then threw a punch at his face.

Samuel flew into a rage. He didn't expect that Greg would treat Leona like that. But Samuel hated her more. If she was with York, how could she end up like this?

But anyway, he couldn't just stand by and watch. Otherwise, Greg would really strangle Leona to death.

As soon as Greg escaped from Samuel's attack, he kicked Samuel's chest with one of his legs.

Greg kicked Samuel hard and made him fall to the corner. Samuel covered his chest and coughed violently.

Greg was a black belt of Taekwondo, and he made no mistake when fighting against a man who was as powerful as Samuel. At this moment, Greg let go of Leona and quickly walked up to Samuel.

Before Samuel stood up, Greg directly rode on him, and his fists pounded on his body like raindrops.

Samuel was just an ordinary man. Although he had joined karate club when he was in college, it was just for fun. Samuel was good at picking up girls and was absolutely not a match for Greg in terms of fighting.

It didn't take Samuel long to be beaten black and blue. He had to cover his head with both hands to prevent himself from being beaten.

But when Leona saw that Samuel was beaten up by Greg because of her, she couldn't help regretting it.

It was all my fault. If not, Samuel wouldn't be beaten.' And Leona didn't expect that Greg was so aggressive.

Leona had no doubt that if Greg really hit her, she would be beaten to death.

Seeing that Samuel hold his head and rolled on the ground with his hands covering his head, Leona was even more anxious. Samuel was innocent. If Greg continued to beat him, Samuel might be beaten to death.

At the moment, Leona struggled as hard as she could and ran towards the two tussling men. She shouted loudly, "Wei, you mad dog, stop! I don't allow you to hit him!"

Hearing that Leona dared to defend Samuel in front of him, Greg got more angry and hit Samuel with more fists.

"Bitch, are you distressed? I just want to beat this man. He dare to hook up with my woman. I'll beat him to death!" Greg's fists were falling on Samuel like rain drops, leaving him unable to fight back.

"Are you crazy! You will kill him!" Leona couldn't bear to see Samuel get hurt because of her, but Greg just d

always bad to beat someone. And miss, if you want to sue Mr. Wei, please come with me to the police station!"

Greg shook the dust off his clothes and said with a face, "I need to call my lawyer!" After saying that, he gave a hard stare at Leona and Samuel, and then followed the police out.

Leona and Samuel were also related to the fight so they got on the police car.

When she arrived at the police office, Leona wrote down the detailed record of the case that she wanted to sue Greg

Samuel said nothing but that he quarreled with Greg. He didn't want to make it big.

At this moment, a lawyer came to Leona's room and said with a gentle voice, "Nice to meet you, Miss Ling. I'm the law counselor of Mr. Wei. Now I want to advise you to withdraw the lawsuit. Otherwise, based on the evidence we have, we will sue you for slander. But Mr. Wei doesn't want to make it a big deal, so I'll give you a chance. Please think twice and answer me!"

Leona stared at him in disbelief with a policeman standing aside. She couldn't believe that now she became the defendant.

The lawyer continued, "according to the clues we found, you borrowed a five hundred thousand money from Mr. Wei, which was confirmed by the sister of the leader of the Blackrock bar. One month ago, you borrowed a big sum of medical expense and living expenses for Jonson's company going bankrupt from Mr. Wei. And Jonson's family was also irrefutable in this regard. You said that Mr. Wei tried to rape you on his own initiative because you failed to pay his debt. But the truth is that you were willing to pay your debt in this way. What's more, the illegal imprisonment you said doesn't exist. How would anyone like Mr. Wei need to be imprison people like you? In my opinion, it is you who would try everything to be with Mr. Wei.

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