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   Chapter 105 Is He The Father Of The Child

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After listening to Samuel's words, Leona kept shaking her head. What did he mean by that? She can have another baby? No, she only wanted this baby.

Leona struggled to sit up but she was too weak to do so. Leona looked at Samuel with beseeching eyes and begged, "please, tell me how is the baby. I just want to hear the truth! "

Staring at the woman with a begging look, Samuel sighed and said gently, "you miscarried!"

At the moment Leona heard these words, large drops of tears fell down at once. This was just as she expected.

For a moment, Leona felt that everything in her world became dark. She was just like a Fannie floating in the dark without any light in the front.

Seeing Leona staring at the ceiling with glazed eyes, Samuel felt that she would disappear at any time. Leona's eyes were hollow without any signs of life.

"Leona, wake up. Don't do this. You're still young, and the baby can be born at any time. But if something happens to you, you'll never have a baby! " Samuel tried to persuade Leona. However, he didn't know how to persuade her. Therefore, he was too anxious to talk incoherently.

However, Leona didn't seem to hear his words at all. She still stared at the ceiling with empty eyes. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Leona kept thinking of the words said by the man who had crashed into her car, "Mr. Wei, I've knocked her down..." He even killed his own child.

Then a child's figure appeared in Leona's mind, who seemed to be crying and running to her. His two little fat hands stretched out to her and shouted, "Mom, don't leave me..."

Faced with Leona, Samuel could do nothing. His mood was indescribable complicated.

He wanted to see that Leona was punished and that she regretted for not taking good care of York. But when he saw her miserable appearance, he felt sorry for her.

And he was also dissatisfied with Greg. If he didn't want to marry her, why did he want her to be pregnant? A man could have many ways to prevent a woman from pregnant. What he did was undoubtedly killing a small life.

This was the only way Samuel could do to comfort Leona. He held her hand not accepting an intravenous drip. Leona's hand was as cold as ice, and Samuel was trying to warm her up.

When both of them were lost in their own thoughts, the door of the ward was slammed open. Greg appeared at the door in anger.

When he saw the two people holding hands together, he was burning with anger again. How dare they hold hands in front of him?

"Leona, you bitch. You came here to date with a man. Is he the father of the bastard in your belly?" Greg was so angr

r felt that Leona was so hateful.

Although he always said that any man could have sex with her, he knew that she had given her first sex to him. That kind of feeling was not wrong.

He could tell whether it was a virgin or not by virtue of the number of women he had seen. Although it was the first time that Leona admitted it in a fit of pique, he knew clearly that she had never been with other men before he was together with her.

Besides, after being together with him, Leona had no chance to get in touch with other men, which he was sure about.

But today, hearing that Leona admitted it herself, Greg lost his mind. Leona could go out and find a job without telling him, then maybe she could have sex with Samuel.

Greg was so furious that he almost lost his usual calmness. With a malicious expression on his face, Greg said in a cold voice, "who is that man?"

According to what happened, Leona was now in a semi crazy state. She had seen the rage on Greg's face, and that was why she said that on purpose.

Leona said provocatively, "There are a lot of men. Which one do you refer to?"

Greg was so mad that he could hardly contain his anger. Leona was the first woman who had admitted to his face that she had another man. No one dared to do this.

Greg grabbed Leona's neck with one hand, and pointed at Samuel with the other. "Is he the father of your child?" Greg shouted angrily.

Leona had been pinched so hard that she had difficulty in breathing. Her pale face turned red, but she still didn't want to beg for mercy. She looked at Greg as if she didn't want to die and said, "huh! That's him. Samuel is handsome and considerate. He is much better than you in every way. You are not a man at all compared with him!"

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