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   Chapter 104 A Car Accident

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When Julie was about to take a taxi, her phone suddenly rang. Julie went aside and answered the phone. Julie said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Leona. There's an emergency meeting in the company, so I have to go back. How about this? I'll give you the address of the hospital and you can go there yourself. When you arrive there, tell the doctor that I've introduced you to him and he will give you a complete examination!"

Leona had no choice but to nod. After all, Julie also needed to go to work. Leona could understand her difficulties, so she said, "well, you'd better go back quickly. I can do it myself!"

"Then you must be careful and call me if you need anything!" As Julie spoke, SHE left. She wasn't stupid. If Greg found out that it was she who took Leona to the party, she would be implicated.

Julie knew that she was being taken advantage of by Jasmine. She couldn't afford to play the game with the rich, so she had to take her out.

Just as Leona was about to hail a taxi across the street, a car rushed towards her and hit her.

As the car sped at full speed, Leona suddenly turned her head back. She was so frightened that her face turned pale. Leona subconsciously stepped back, but before she could move backwards, she was knocked over to the ground by the car. The warm blood ran down her legs

A sudden violent pain came, and Leona felt that her whole body was covered in sweat, and her face was deathly pale as she screamed, "help Baby! "

But this was a very quiet alley, and there was no one else at all. Leona could feel that her sight was getting more and more blurred.

Leona vaguely saw a man wearing sunglasses sitting in a car, and she couldn't see his face clearly. But she heard the man say on the phone, "Mr. Wei, everything is done. I knocked down Leona. She bled heavily. She will miscarry. Please don't worry..."

Hearing this, a bad premonition arose in Leona's heart. It was that Greg asked someone to knock her down deliberately in order to abandon her child. He was very cruel.

Heartbroken and bleeding, Leona suddenly fell into the darkness.

Hearing the sound in the distance, Julie ran back quickly. When she saw Leona in the blood, she was shocked.

How could Leona be knocked down? What if she died? Jasmine gave her an address and told her to ask Leona to go to this clinic to have an abortion.

Julie immediately took out her phone and called Jasmine, "Hello, Miss Ling? Leona was hit by a car. What should we do now?"

"Don't panic. "Carry out the original plan and send Leona to the hospital. It would be better if she miscarries directly. If she doesn't, then we should have the surgery!" A cold voice came through the phone.

"But it's only a small clinic..." Julie was still scared. What if Leona died?

The voice on the other side sounded impatient, "so what? Only those doctors are willing to be i

car and the voice of the man in the car on the phone.

Holding Samuel's hand nervously, Leona asked loudly, "where is my baby?"

Seeing the panic on Leona's face, Samuel consoled her gently, "Don't be so excited. Listen to me..."

"No, I don't want to listen to you. I just want my baby. Please tell me. My baby is fine, right?" Looking at Samuel expectantly, Leona was afraid that she didn't get the answer she wanted.

"My child..." Samuel hesitated whether he should tell Leona the truth. The doctor said that she was very weak now. She had hit her head before and she lost a lot of blood. Samuel tried his best to keep her calm.

Even though Samuel didn't like Leona because of his relationship with York, his heart softened when he saw her being in such a miserable situation.

Seeing that Samuel was in a dilemma, Leona had guessed the answer in her mind, but she still did not give up and asked him to tell her.

Ignoring her hand that was still being put on a drip, Leona grabbed Samuel by the hand and asked with great expectation, "Is my child all right? Tell me! "

Although Samuel did not want to provoke her, he did not want to hide anything from her. After all, she had to face the reality sooner or later.

It's better than hiding it now. Samuel then put away Leona's hand, which was still having an intravenous drip. There was blood in it. His eyes could not bear to look at her pale face. He dodged and said, "Lie on the bed first, and I'll tell you later!"

To get the answer she wanted, Leona lay on the bed with her eyes fixed on Samuel. She must know the condition of her baby.

With a slight cough, Samuel thought carefully about the wording, and finally made up his mind. "Leona, listen to me, you are still young, and it's not good for you to have a child so early. You haven't been married yet. Once the baby is born, how are you going to tell the baby who is the father?"

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