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   Chapter 101 Pregnant

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As soon as Leona heard that Greg was asking her to quit her job without any hesitation, she couldn't wait to explain herself. She clearly signed a contract with Samuel, that it said, if she quit in the middle of her job, she had to pay a ransom of 50 million dollars to Zachary's Company

That was fifty million! It was a large sum of money! Even if she was alive, she probably couldn't make that much money in her whole life.

But she didn't want to tell Greg that, because she wasn't sure what he would think of her if he found out.

He might say something she really didn't want to hear, and that might be another possibility, which was that he paid a huge amount of penalty for her.

But in that case, Leona would feel more embarrassed to face him. She had spent a lot of money of his because of Jonson, so she didn't want to owe him more.

And in fact, even if Leona wanted to explain, she didn't have the chance. Greg turned over suddenly and pressed her down.

Sitting opposite to Greg, Leona had to leave all her other worries behind, and let's talk about it later!

The other day, Leona was free again, but this meant that she could walk around freely in the villa, as long as she didn't go out, she could go anywhere.

Even so, Leona still felt oppressive. She was like a caged canary, having a luxurious life, but she had no freedom at all.

She would rather live a free life as she used to do. Although she was a little bitter, at least she was her own master, rather than a puppy waiting for her master to come back and shake her tail at him, begging her master to love her.

But Leona was on high alert when she was against Greg. She couldn't think of a better way to deal with him. Only when she tried her best to please Greg could she get what she wanted.

Finally, with Leona's endless effort, Greg finally relented. She could go out, but she had to take the car he got with her together with the driver.

Even though this was not what Leona wanted, at least she was fine now. It was a great progress for her.

During the past few days, Samuel called her again. But she had to say that she haven't recover and couldn't work. She didn't dare to go to work at Samuel's place before Greg allowed.

Finally, Leona turned it off directly so that she didn't need to answer Samuel's phone again.

These days, Leona always felt very tired. She usually slept during the day. She only had to deal with Greg's love making every night, and she didn't even want to go downstairs for dinner.

Usually, when Greg went to work in the morning, Leona was still sleeping and did not wake up until he came back from work. If he hadn't forced her to get up for dinner every day, Leona would even doubt that she could not get up at all.

And recently, the taste of Leona has also changed. She always liked to eat light food before, but recently she parti

r she should go to the hospital. She was in a dilemma.

Finally, Leona decided to go to the hospital. It would be better if she guessed wrong. She said to the driver, "Uncle Zhang, please drive me to the hospital!"

Sitting on the bench in the hospital, Leona was waiting for the test result uneasily. Not long after, a nurse came out and asked her to go in.

"Congratulations, Miss Ling. You have been pregnant for 50 days!" Holding the test report and listening to the doctor's results, Leona could not tell whether she was happy or sad at this moment.

On the one hand, Leona liked babies very much as it was a life in her own body. On the other hand, she was very worried that Greg might think that she was deliberately saying that to keep him by her side. She was really conflicted.

The doctor smiled and said to Leona, "Miss Ling, should we tell Mr. Wei now? I'm sure Mr. Wei will be very happy to hear that! "

On hearing that, Leona was frightened and realized that this hospital was under the charge of Greg, so all doctors here naturally obeyed Greg's orders.

Leona didn't know what she should do next. She didn't know what Greg's opinion was on this. Therefore, she didn't dare to tell him. Leona said anxiously, "no, I want to give him a surprise. Don't tell him that I am pregnant, okay?"

The doctor showed an understanding smile and said, "Of course, it would be better if Miss Ling could personally tell Mr. Wei about this. Remember..." The doctor babbled a lot of words. Leona might be the future wife of Greg, so they naturally dared not neglect.

Clutching the test report tightly, Leona walked out of the hospital with mixed feelings. She was so lost that she didn't even hear the driver call her.

What should she do now? Did she really want her child to be illegitimate? No, she had been fed up with that kind of life. She would never let her children go the same way as her

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