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   Chapter 99 Who Is That Man

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A sudden "Ding Dong" sound broke the silence of the night. But unfortunately, Leona had already fallen asleep due to the unbearable suffering of Greg. She didn't hear the text message at all.

Greg opened his eyes and looked suspiciously at the source of the voice. It was not from his phone, but from Leona's. He wondered who sent her the message at this late hour.

Greg got out of bed and found the phone in Leona's bag. "Are you asleep, Leona?" Greg unlocked her phone and saw the message. I miss you so much. When are you available tomorrow? Let's have a meal, okay? I have a present for you! " It was a strange number.

Greg called it directly. The phone was answered as soon as it was connected. He heard a low and familiar voice, "Leona, are you still awake? I'm so glad that you called me so late at night. If you have time, we... "

Hearing what he said, Greg got so angry that the blue veins on his forehead stood out. He shouted at the phone, "Who the hell are you? How dare you think about my woman! You're sick of living. When and where did you meet Leona? If you dare, come out to see me... " But before Greg could finish, the man on the other end of the line hung up immediately as if he was guilty. And he didn't answer the phone when Greg called again.

The whole building of Zachary's Company was dark except the deputy general manager's office on the top floor.

Samuel hung up the phone and an evil smile appeared on his face. He didn't expect his plan to be so successful. It must be very irritating on the other side of the phone. This was the result he wanted.

Greg rushed to Leona angrily and looked at her sleeping face. He smiled and thought that who made her so happy in her dream.

Thinking of this, Greg was more furious. He pulled Leona up rudely from the bed and roared, "damn woman, who the hell did you hook up with? I didn't expect you to be so capable that you can find another man in such a short time. It seems that I have been too good to you!"

When Leona was sleeping, she suddenly heard Greg's roar. But before she knew what was going on, she was pulled up by a strong force.

Then a thunderous voice was heard from above. Leona looked at him with sleepy eyes. She was still in a sleep. What was wrong with this pig in the middle of the night?

On seeing that Leona wasn't totally awake, Greg became even angrier. He opened the lid of a bottle of wine, and poured it down on Leona's head.

Before Leona could figure out what had happened, the orange liquid was spilled all over her head and spread into her eyes. Immediately, she felt sharp pain.

"Oh my God It hurts! Are you crazy? What are you doing in the middle of night? " Leona rubbed her eyes with

e closed his eyes with relief. Greg had confined Leona to his side in this way, because he had been subconsciously afraid that Leona might disappear. But he just haven't realize this.

From this day on, Leona was limited to this room. She had started a cold war with Greg in the first few days. She even refused to go on a hunger strike. But Greg totally ignored her.

"You can choose not to eat. But if you don't eat, I'll make you unable to sleep for the whole night. You know how strong I am!" He said meaningfully with a devilish smile on his face, and he did so.

During the past few days, Leona was really going to be mad as she was suppressed by Greg the whole day. She even passed out before she could wake up.

Lina brought the food to Leona's room at noon. Seeing Leona like this, Lina said with concern, "Leona, why do you have to do this? In fact, Mr. Wei was a very kind man, and he was stubborn but soft-hearted. I have lived for a long time. I can see that Mr. Wei cares about you very much. In fact, a man is like a child. As long as you patiently coax him, he will not treat you like this!"

Leona smiled weakly, and the feeling of hunger in her stomach made her more exhausted. She hadn't eaten anything for two consecutive days, and now was being tortured by Greg, which was unbearable even for an iron man.

Although Leona didn't believe what Lina had said that Greg cared a lot, she knew it wouldn't do her any good if she continued to act against him.

But Leona felt wronged because the misunderstanding between her and Greg was still so deep. She was going to die if she continued to act like this. She had to depend on herself to change the current situation.

Suddenly knowing what to do, Leona was enlightened. She wanted to change the situation and not go on like this.

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