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   Chapter 98 Misunderstanding

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As soon as Greg said that, he came directly to Leona, took clothes off quickly and then lied on the bed.

Seeing that Leona was still sitting on the bed like a silly girl, Greg couldn't help saying impatiently, "Are you going to stay there all night? Get your ass here and sleep!"

Looking at his domineering and unreasonable appearance in a fret, Leona deliberately ignored him.

However, this was not working on Greg. He just reached out and held Leona in his arms, with his chin against her head, tightly holding her in his arms.

"Let go of me! I'm going back!" Leona kept struggling, but she was too small and too weak to fight against Greg. She was on the verge of explosion, and her struggle stiffened him.

Greg continued in a hoarse voice, "if you keep doing this, I'll do it here, or this is what you want!" As he spoke, Greg pressed on her again.

Hearing this, Leona turned pale with fear. Even though she was injured, he still didn't let her go. It seemed that Leona was not an ignorant girl and she had gotten to know that. During the past few months, she had stayed with Greg, and he was the first teacher with this aspect concerned. It was him who taught her to do that.

Hearing Greg's words, Leona didn't dare to move even a little bit, and she said imploringly, "I, I really can't do it. And the doctor said that if I don't do strenuous exercise, it is not easy to recover the wound, and it might be infected!"

Leona was telling the truth. Actually, Greg didn't mean to do that. He just wanted to frighten this silly woman.

But when she moved, he thought of it again unexpectedly. He immediately cursed her in a remorseful voice, turned over and went to the bathroom. He needed a cold water bath to relieve himself.

Leona was relieved to see that Greg was not there. He recalled what Greg had said to herself. If he locked her up, it wouldn't be easy for her to escape.

Soon, Greg walked out of the bathroom. When he laid down again and held Leona in his arms, her body became stiff all of a sudden. She didn't dare to move, worrying that he would become a pig again.

Greg's strong heartbeat and steady breathing were heard from behind. How could this pig sleep well?

Leona blinked her big eyes and looked at the bright moon outside. She would have stayed up all night for her, but only for a moment, she fell asleep deeply.

At this moment, Greg opened his eyes and saw Leona curling up like a kitten, and his body was stiff again.

Greg sprang out of bed in a huff. He had never thought that the stupid woman could be so attractive to him, and he had an idea just by looking at her sleeping face.

This was simply a torture for him. Greg wanted to pounce on her as much as he could, but he didn't do that when he saw her tired

so angry that he thumped on the steering wheel. That stupid woman just can't be quiet. He had locked her up, and she dared to bring her lover home.

As soon as Greg arrived at the gate, he saw that Leona was holding a large bouquet of roses. Immediately, he became more furious.

Crack! A big sound of engine roared. As soon as Leona saw Greg, she was frightened to put the rose in her hand behind her.

At this moment, there was endless anger shining in Greg's eyes. He slammed the door and then walked towards Leona angrily. Greg said through her teeth, "Leona, how dare you bring a man home!"

"No, it's not like what you think. Mr. Chi just came to ask me something about my work. You don't misunderstand me!" Leona explained in a panic as her face turned pale because of fright. She was afraid that Greg would misunderstand her.

But Greg didn't want to listen to Leona's explanation at all. He rushed to the door, grabbed the roses from Leona's hand and threw them out.

Greg grasped her slender shoulder and roared at her, "Ask you something about your work? As the deputy CEO of the company, how could he ask you about the work? Don't you think you have overestimated yourself? And he asked whether she needed to send him roses? He did it with an ulterior purpose, or you seduced him on purpose!"

Sitting on the sofa, Leona was so angry that she couldn't find a reasonable way to defend herself.

With a scornful smile, Greg said, "Maybe you're not reconciled to it just because I'm not strong enough, then I'll make you wish come true." Greg grabbed Leona's slender wrist and went upstairs, not caring whether he had hurt her or not.

"No. can't you just trust me for once? I HMM! " However, before she could speak out her mind, Leona was silenced by Greg. He then quickly cleared the obstacles on his body and pounced on her.

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