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   Chapter 97 Don't Try To Escape In The Rest Of Your Life

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It hurt like hell for Leona, and she almost burst into tears. Moreover, this slap shook her ankle, making her hate this pig more. Didn't he know that he should be more tender to women?

Leona kept beating on his back and screamed, "Put me down. I don't want to go with you!"

This time, Greg slapped hard on her face again and shouted in anger, "You stupid woman! You'd better behave yourself. I haven't gotten even with you for what you did today!"

Hearing this, Leona was even more scared. She was injured like this. Would he get even with her?

The more Leona thought about it, the more frightened she felt. If she was really brought back by Greg, she would be doomed and she could never go back with him.

Then Leona yelled loudly, "Help! Catch the bad guy! Somebody help me! Somebody is robbing me..."

Since Leona lived in a small house which was on the top floor, Greg had to take stairs if he wanted to take her downstairs. That was a house which was about to be torn down. The stairs were very dark. Many older people lived there.

At this time, a girl screamed in the middle of the night. Many people immediately opened the door and looked out confusedly.

Greg replied in a cold voice, "This is my wife. She ran away from home because of me. I'm taking her home now."

As a group of people saw Greg in expensive clothes, they all laughed out loud. Besides, he said that they had a quarrel, so no one came forward to mind this business.

Looking at the closed doors one by one, Leona became more anxious. She shouted loudly, "He lied. I don't know him at all. Please believe me. He is a bad guy. Please call the police!"

A kind aunt said with a knowing look, "It's normal for couple to have a fight. Don't run away from home all the time. See how good your husband is! He comes to look for you. Go back with your husband quickly!"

"That's right. It must be very embarrassing if you go to police station. Your husband must be laughed at since he wears so decent clothes. Men need dignity. Let's make a concession respectively." The other woman echoed, which made Leona want to cry.

A smile appeared on Greg's face unexpectedly. He nodded to the two old women and then carried Leona downstairs on her shoulder.

Greg opened the door, rudely put Leona in, and then walked around the front of the car to sit on the driver's seat.

Leona was so excited that she wanted to open the door, but she only heard a click. Then no matter how hard she tried, it was useless. Greg had locked the door.

Leona was so desperate that she knew she couldn't escape. Leona stole a glance at Greg and saw the veins on his forehead popping up and his hands on the steering wheel were white. She knew he was in a rage.

Half an hour later, Leona fina

What did he mean? Did he want to imprison her here?

As if Greg could read her mind, he nodded arrogantly and said, "Yes, it's exactly what you think. I'll lock you here and see how you can escape this time!"

Leona suddenly felt that if she had misheard his words, he really dared to do so. Didn't he know that it was illegal?

"Don't look at me like that. I've told you that the way you look at me doesn't work on me. Stop your ridiculous thoughts. If you want to run away again, I will lock you on the bed with the chain so that you can't even go downstairs. Do you believe that? " She wanted to end this conversation as soon as she could figure out what she was up to.

But then Leona suddenly realized that Greg was not kidding as he really thought of locking her here and Leona couldn't help shivering.

Leona tried to reason with him, "Why do you have to have me? A man like you absolutely have a lot of women. Didn't you say that your feelings for a woman wouldn't last more than a month? Now we have been like this for months. You have got what you want. I beg you, please let me go. I promise I will give back the money as soon as possible. Please let me go, please!" Leona couldn't help but cry.

On the other hand, sitting beside her, she didn't keep shaking her shoulder, but she smiled and said, "I have the final say on which kind of woman I want. Although I've told you before that I wouldn't keep in touch with any other woman for more than a month, I didn't find me tired of you. And the reason why I keep you with me has nothing to do with money. Even if you don't owe me a penny, as long as I want, I will still do it. Now do you understand? You should stay here till the day I kick you out of here. Now you can only pray that I get tired of you earlier, otherwise you will never be able to escape all your life!"

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